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Red Cross stats on drowning: PSA or LIVE INTERVIEW
06 Jun, 2016 | 0:00:11 |
EN | J.Harrison |

93% of boating deaths are young men 40% involve alcohol Aboriginal boaters are less likely to wear life jackets
No more smoking on playgrounds, bar patios and no sale of tobacco on campuses
07 Nov, 2014 | 0:01:00 |
EN | J.Harrison |

Short CLIPS on New Smoking Bans:No more Cigarette Sales on CAMPUS Having a smoke on the local bar patio will soon be against the law. The Ontario government says it will prohibit smoking on playgrounds, publicly- owned sports fields, and on restaurant and bar patios, as of January 1st. Associate Health Minister Dipika Damerla (DIH’-pee-kuh DAH’-mur-luh) says this move is...
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