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Canadian journalist Jesse Rosenfeld interview
30 Nov, 2016 | 0:19:31 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

Journalist Jesse Rosenfeld as he covers conflict, war and Revolution in the Middle East. Niyousha Basanti spoke with Jesse about the role of journalists and journalism today, the occupation of Palestine, and Canada's complicity in current conflicts in the Middle East. 20mn - full interview 8mn - about the film/freelancing/journalism as activism (bilingual French and English) 10mn - About Palestine,...
Book launch
10 Oct, 2014 | 0:34:56 |
EN | CKUT News Department | Weekly Headlines produced by CKUTs Community News Collective

The voices of Arab feminists have come together in an anthology packed with insights on the themes of home & homeland, exile, feminism, borders, gender and sexual identity, solidarity, language, creative resistance, and colonization. The CKUT News Collective attended an intimate book launch recently held in Montreal. We're about to listen to a snapshot of presentations from the mouths of...
"Lockdown Petroculture" and "Divest McGill" protest against the annual conference "Petrocultures"
18 Feb, 2014 | 0:04:59 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

Amelie and June interviewed representatives of the two groups, “Lockdown Petroculture” and “Divest McGIll notre future”, who protested against the “Petrocultures 2014: Oil, Energy, and Canada's Future.” These two groups protested because the conference was giving the platform to voices of the oil industry supporters.
Anthony Housefather cane out against the Charter.
30 Jan, 2014 | 0:08:52 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

As the commission on Bill 60, the Quebec Values Charter, continues at the National Assembly in Quebec City, CKUT brings voices speaking out against racism and xenophobia. Anthony Housefather, the mayor of the Cote-St-Luc borough, has come out against the charter.
Concordia univsersity students studied condo conversion development in Montreal.
30 Jan, 2014 | 0:14:09 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

On January 16th Concordia University urban planning students in instructor Ted Rutland’s Urban Laboratory class held a press conference to announce the results of their semester-long research study into condo conversion development in Montreal’s Petite Patrie borough, which in recent years has been leaving more and more low income rental tenants in the neighborhood displaced. Partnering with Martin Blanchard, community...
This edition of GW was produced on unceded Secwepemc Territory at CFBX in Kamloops by Chris Albinati
21 Oct, 2013 | 0:29:21 |
EN | CKUT News Department | GroundWire

Headlines RCMP raids peaceful protest camp against fracking in Elsipogtog, NB | Files from Coop Radio and CKUT Radio Community Radio Report New leadership at the Community Radio Fund of Canada | Gretchen King CKUT Features Jingle Dress Dance in Winnipeg (MB) welcomes the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples | Jordan Poitras and Julien Cooper CKUW...
CFBX/GW sit down with Art Manuel to talk about the Throne Speech and more
21 Oct, 2013 | 0:13:45 |
EN | CKUT News Department | GroundWire

GW feature interview with Art Manuel on Idle No More, James Anaya's visit, and the Speech from the Throne. The Aboriginal Title Alliance's report is online at:
This week's edition produced by CKUT in Montreal.
26 Aug, 2013 | 0:28:47 |
EN | CKUT News Department | GroundWire

Headlines by Olivia Bako, CKUT -“Education for All” will hold a demonstration this week in Montreal to demand safe and secure access to education for children without immigration status, just days before school sets to open; -Toronto Police Constable James Forcillo has been charged with the second-degree murder in the death of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim; -Two Canadians were arrested in...
CKUT Radio
30 Jul, 2013 | 0:07:14 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

A brief interview on resistance to the Prawer Plan, which aims to confiscate 800,000 dunums of land in the Naqab desert, expel over 50,000 Palestinian Bedouins, demolish 35 unrecognized villages and confine 30% of Palestinian Bedouins in the Naqab to 1% of the land. We join Rabea Eghbariah an activist, law student at Tel Aviv University, and part of the...
GW - July 1, 2013 (CKUT)
02 Jul, 2013 | 0:29:00 |
EN | CKUT News Department | GroundWire

GroundWire is listener supported - to donate see For more information on GroundWire - a project of the National Campus and Community Radio Association see To contribute to an edition or sponsor GroundWire, email The next edition will be produced at CJSF in Burnaby, BC.
Demonstration for Jordanian Prisoners on hunger strike for over one month.
02 Jun, 2013 | 0:35:49 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

On Friday May 31st in Amman, Jordan, a demonstration was held in solidarity with Jordanian prisoners currently on hunger strike in Israeli jails. The families of the prisoners were accompanied by thousands as they left the al-Hussein Mosque and took to the streets.
May Day celebrations in Guelph and MTL. Halifax Just Us coffee workers fired for trying to unionize.
17 May, 2013 | 0:28:09 |
EN | CKUT News Department | GroundWire

In this episode we cover the May Day celebrations in Guelph, Ontario and in Montreal, Quebec courtesy of MaryCarl Guiao with CFRU and CKUT's Off the Hour respectively. And we hear from a couple of Halifax barristas who claim they were fired for trying to form a union.
Interview with Marie-Eve Lamy of Montreal Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC)
01 May, 2012 | 0:11:22 |
EN | CKUT News Department | Weekly Headlines produced by CKUTs Community News Collective

Marie-Eve Lamy is a member of the Montreal Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC). For the last 5 years, CLAC has organized anti-capitalist Mayday marches on May 1st. They will be taking to the streets again for Mayday 2012. A full text for the callout can be found here: We spoke with Marie-Eve on our Mayday special of the Tuesday Morning After...
Over 1000 cups of coffee distro'ed in solidarity with McGill non-academic staff
24 Nov, 2011 | 0:20:56 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

MUNACA has been on strike 3 months, without a contract for over a year and in negotiations since January. Students distributed over 1000 cups of coffee and baked goods to picket lines today.
Brief description of the day's broadcast.
01 Nov, 2011 | 0:00:45 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

This PSA leaves time at the end for your station to add local broadcast details.
An interview with journalist and activist Ewa Jasiewicz
11 Aug, 2011 | 0:12:15 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

Ewa (pronounced eva) is a union organizer and activist who just returned from the Free Gaza Flotilla. She is a journalist and writer living in southeast London in the midst of the insurrection that has captured the headlines over the last few days.
Presentation from Montreal's 12th annual Anarchist Bookfair
26 May, 2011 | 1:30:22 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

As revolution spreads from Tunisia, to Egypt and now in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, how doe we as anti-authoritarians and anarchists, understand the nature of these revolutions, in how they encompass an anti-authoritarian spirit in terms of their organizing, and how they challenge power structures, hierarchy and capitalism, and a continual process of decolonization in the region. This workshop will also...
the collective Radio Populares spoke at the 12th Montreal Anarchist Bookfair on May 21,2011
26 May, 2011 | 0:39:54 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

Radio Populares is a Chicago-based collective, who held a presentation last saturday during the Anarchist Bookfair.They collaborate with communities struggling for social justice to build low power FM community radio stations since 2002. Their work is grounded in solidarity model so they interact with other media activists and community organizations on the front line of the social justice movement. They...
Live bilingual Broadcast from 12th Annual Anarchist Bookfair
22 May, 2011 | 1:52:40 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

This CKUT broadcast takes place annually live from Montreal's Anarchist Bookfair and begins with a hands-on radio workshop on setting up, hosting, and teching live radio. Most of the radio hosts are first time radio producers and the interviews they conducted include views from Bookfair Collective members, tablers, artists, and workshop presenters. Hosted in French and English.
National Campus Community Radio Program
12 May, 2011 | 0:29:10 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

This weeks groundwire was produced by Ckut 90.3 fm in Montreal, hosted by the Community News Collective. This edition explores May Day manifestations in Montreal, with labour activists facing respression at the hands of police, Frank Lopez latest film END: CIV, the DisAbilities Rights Panel held by CKUT's collective the Avalanche, and CKLN 88.1fm in Toronto which hires a new...
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