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Student Strike - Rio Tinto Lockout - Mahjoub Speaks
23 May, 2012 | 0:30:00 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

Produced by CKDU News Collective, Mi'kmaw Territory, Halifax, Nova Scotia. In this episode of GroundWire: Student Strike strengthens in Quebec; Rio Tinto Alcan workers locked out; Mohammad Mahjoub speaks; and Kingston Penitentiary closes.
Report from Victoriaville protest
20 May, 2012 | 0:00:00 |
FR | CKDU News Collective |

Originally recorded / edited by CKUT and containing an interview by Stefanie Clermont with a spokesperson from Federation des Femmes du Quebec this report from Victoriaville has been edited for CKDU's addition to the May 2012 Groundwire. Featuring "Shoot Into Our Open Palms" by Sockfoot (Halifax).
This episode was hosted and produced by Carly Forbes in Guelph, ON.
23 Apr, 2012 | 0:29:03 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

Headlines: Supreme Court of Canada denies Nell Toussaint right to healthcare | Carly Forbes Native Friendship Centre of Montreal funding cut| Leanne Arnison, CKUT, Montreal, QC and MaryCarl Guiao, Guelph, ON. Tsleil-Waututh Nation and others opposed to proposed new Trans Mountain pipeline. | Catherine Fischer, CJLY Peter Collins reflects on the Life Line program. | Dee, Prison Radio CKUT and...
The missing and murdered women inquiry and an interview with Frieda Werden of WINGS
29 Feb, 2012 | 0:29:12 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

This episode of GroundWire is produced and hosted by Carly Forbes at CFRU in Guelph, Ontario. Headlines: Mohammad Mahjoub's story | Carly Forbes and Leanne Arnison BC's forestry industry | Joel Barde Features: Arts funding in BC | Joel Barde An interview with Gunargie O'Sullivan on the Missing and murdered indigenous women inquiry in BC and Live coverage from the...
This Groundwire episode is produced at CHSR in Fredericton, New Brunswick
13 Feb, 2012 | 0:29:38 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

This episode of GroundWire is produced by Jordan MacDonald at CHSR 97.9 FM in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Headlines: Say no to CSIS | Joel Barde BC police complaint commission challenges B.C. supreme court order | Joel Barde Features: Mental health and creativity | Bobby Ogilvie, CHSR The lack of access to abortion on Prince Edward Island, An interview with Bronwyn...
An interview with Bronwyn Rodd from the PEI Reproductive Rights Organization
12 Feb, 2012 | 0:00:00 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

GroundWire reporter Lindsay Beattie interviews Bronwyn Rodd from the Prince Edward Island Reproductive Rights Organization regarding the lack of access to abortion on PEI.
for producing GW
15 Jan, 2012 | 0:01:00 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

not for broadcast. Thx!
Park Canada's proposal to allow for the privatization of Jasper National Park's Icefield Parkway
15 Jan, 2012 | 0:02:37 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

A feature on the proposal by Park Canada to allow for the privatization of Jasper National Park's Icefield Parkway. Leanne Arnison speaks with representatives from Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) and the Council of Canadians to discuss their concerns over the privatization of Canada's National Parks.
Canadian Immigration Policy and the Story of the 1987 Boat People
09 Nov, 2011 | 1:54:00 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

This audio documentary explores the recent history of Canadian Refugee Policy, telling the story of the Sikh migrants who came by boat to Nova Scotia in 1987, and the current debates about boat migrants.
40 years since Attica, Justice for Levi
13 Sep, 2011 | 0:29:00 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

In this edition: GroundWire remembers the Attica prison insurrection, 40 years later; resistance to oil pipelines heats up on the West Coast; the Justice for Levi campaign in Ontario takes it to the courts, and African Nova Scotians may make history in Canada as the first group to join the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus of the African Union.
GroundWire headline
26 Aug, 2011 | 0:01:31 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

A short headline about the Downtown Halifax Convention Centre and opposition from local activists and artists.
Radio PSA and GroundWire headline on search for Neskie Manuel
15 Jun, 2011 | 0:02:07 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

The following is a short radio PSA (50 seconds) and a GroundWire news headline (1 nminute 15 seconds) about Neskie Manuel, who has been missing since May 8th. Anyone with information on Neskie's whereabouts are encouraged to call 1-855-637-8477, or 1 855 NES TIPS.
Argentinian University refuses money from Goldcorp-owned Alumbrera
21 Apr, 2011 | 0:05:36 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

A recent decision by an Argentinian University to refuse funds from Alumbrera, a Goldcorp owned mine in Argentina, raises questions about Canadian Universities, in particular Simon Fraser University, which unveiled a 10 million dollar donation from Goldcorp in September 2010.
January 31: Housing, Prisons, Midwifery
31 Jan, 2011 | 0:29:58 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

In this edition, Midwifery is in peril in Nova Scotia; from BC we hear a report on the Red Tent campaign and the Private members bill to develop a National Housing Strategy; and we take an in depth look inside prisons with Victoria Law, author, and Riley McLaren, a Chaplain working with Prisoners with disabilities.
Feature for GroundWire
05 Nov, 2010 | 0:04:30 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

The following is excerpts from the rally for affordable housing at the tent city in Halifax, October 23rd. These clips need an intro and an outro script.
for GroundWire production: narrations from CKDU
07 Jun, 2010 | 0:03:54 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

This is for GroundWire's producer, not for general airplay! Raw audio, caution, handle with care :)
From the Wall to Halifax: first hand accounts from recent trips to the West Bank
13 May, 2010 | 0:41:00 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

From the Wall to Halifax: First hand accounts from Palestinians, Jews, and Canadian activists on recent trips to Occupied Palestine. Hear about experiences in Sheikh Jarrah, Qalandia checkpoint, Hebron, border crossings, and more. Panelists discuss racism, apartheid, West Bank, settlers, colonization, and boycott.
Israeli Refusenik speaks in Halifax
06 Apr, 2010 | 0:00:00 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

Amir Locker-Biletzki is a former soldier in the Israeli Defence Forces. In 2002, he co-authored a letter as part of the 'Courage to Refuse' campaign, and served jail time for refusing to continue his reservist work during the height of the 2nd intifada. Amir spoke with CKDU in Halifax before his public presentation on Tuesday, April 6th, in the New...
GroundWire Olympics special edition
04 Dec, 2009 | 0:28:50 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

Mega-events like the Olympics are full of images of amateur sports, personal achievement, and national unity. But voices against the Olympics tell a different story; one of expropriation of land, homelessness, unequal development, and debt. These voices have put a spotlight on social cleansing, government and corporate surveillance, criminalizing dissent, and corruption.
GroundWire headline, Dec 4
02 Dec, 2009 | 0:02:22 |
EN | CKDU News Collective |

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