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Rachel Smocker from Biofuelwatch speaks about the dangers of biofuels and carbon markets
14 Dec, 2011 | 0:13:31 |
EN | Tim McSorley | Media Co-op at COP17

Rachel Smolker from UK-based Biofuelwatch spoke with Maude Prud'homme and Tim McSorley outside the COP17 conference in Durban, SA. Smolker speaks about the dangers of using bio-fuels as carbon credits as well as trading them on the carbon market, the impact that biofuels can have on forests like Canada's boreal forest, and the need to push for grassroots, not market...
Interview with Friends of the Earth Canada member about her country's role at COP17
04 Dec, 2011 | 0:05:17 |
EN | Tim McSorley | Media Co-op at COP17

Canada continues to face criticism at the COP17. On Friday, Dec. 2, it won another Fossil of the Day award for Environment Minister Peter Kent's statement that the fossils awarded to Canada this week came from the 'uninformed' and the 'ideologically driven.' According to organisers of the awards, though, "Kent is one of the most 'uninformed' Environment Ministers in the...
Hundreds denounce exclusion from talks, false solutions at UN conference
04 Dec, 2011 | 0:06:37 |
EN | Tim McSorley | Media Co-op at COP17

On Dec. 1, in Durban, South Africa, hundreds of rural women from across the continent converged at the Speakers Corner outside of the conference centre where COP17, the UN's latest round of climate change negotiations, is being held. The women have come to Durban to participate in the South Africa Rural Women's gathering, which started December 1 and will run...
Audio from day 1 of COP17 about Cdn youth delegations new tar sands suits and fossil of the day
04 Dec, 2011 | 0:10:12 |
EN | Tim McSorley | Media Co-op at COP17

On Monday, Nov. 28, the 17th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change, commonly referred to as COP17, kicked off in Durban, South Africa. Thousands of delegates from around the world had arrived in the city to discuss how we should address the threat of climate change and global warming. As the conference kicked off...
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