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An in depth interview with Sleepy Time Shoy
10 Jul, 2020 | 0:59:52 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

one of the greatest interviews, by one of the greatest interviewees, that has ever been on the radio, and probably the best thing humanity has ever done, believe me.
A lot of buzzing
29 Jun, 2020 | 1:00:58 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

buzzzz buzzzz buzzzz
I get back to talking and playing music again
21 Jun, 2020 | 1:00:42 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

I'm not sure if I like the mic I recorded this show with. What do you think? I used a Shure 55SH, as opposed to the usual AT 4033. The Shure is made to reduce the ambient noise of the room and I don;t know if that makes things sound more organic, or less. Anyhow, that's where I'm at.
A special guest, Dona Guerra reads poems.
15 Jun, 2020 | 1:02:16 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

Donna Guerra reads some of her poetry, related to police violence against minorities. Also, there is ambient music and Shoy speaks.
breathing in and breathing out, relax, breathe in a mosp
08 Jun, 2020 | 1:00:23 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

the pandemic, if you know what I mean
01 Jun, 2020 | 1:00:26 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

if you know what I moth
breathe in a moth
25 May, 2020 | 1:00:07 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

moths moths moths in my f***ing mouth
live noise show by generalgruff and shoy boi
17 May, 2020 | 1:00:24 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

the greatest
A bunch of songs about robbing value village and hornets stinging my dick.
11 May, 2020 | 0:59:56 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

I mean, it's a pandemic. I don't get out much.
I believe in my heart that I do go on.
03 May, 2020 | 1:00:00 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

A few hot new tracks from the bandcamp universe, and considerations on the landlord/renter divide in a time of capitalist evil.
rant rant rant more days at home to rant!
26 Apr, 2020 | 0:59:56 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

But actually I do play a nice EP from Timing X, and also sleepy time shoy is on pointe, about his love for the geese of swan lake.
The English Sweate is Fakye Newse. I will have the kingdom open by May 1, 1495
20 Apr, 2020 | 0:59:52 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

Somehow this show didn't play in vancouver. It was just an hour of dead air and it didn't upload to the logger. Anyhow, I did do it, and it does exist. I think I messed up my settings in the programmer's site at CFRO pretty badly. Hopefully, next week will be better. It's funding week, though, if you wanna donate,...
A retelling of the Passover Story, for those who are missing a seder.
14 Apr, 2020 | 0:59:54 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

I make no claims as to the quality of this attempt, but we are supposed to tell the Passover story every year, even if the rest of the seder doesn't come together.
Covid 19 in North Van. I gotta believe there's no plan.
06 Apr, 2020 | 1:01:54 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

Hi. here I am locked in my house. How is your world ending pandemic going? Mine is going great.
Another show from lockdown, live banjo included (for better or worse)
29 Mar, 2020 | 1:01:06 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

Well well well, I'm not the only one stuck at home this week. I hope you enjoy all my complaining about the lack of testing and the inability to get groceries delivered. Probably there are hot musical tracks, too!
Back on the air in the midst of the Covid 19 disaster, I sing!
22 Mar, 2020 | 1:02:39 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

But you know, the lest said the better about my inspirational country music stylings, recorded from my very own livingroom.
Voices of the dead. My late father comes to visit the show.
17 Mar, 2020 | 1:00:22 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

Just to satisfy the curiosity of the listener, the requests my father made for the type of funeral he wanted were fulfilled by us to the letter. I hope that wherever he is now, he was satisfied with our arrangements. This is a reprise of a show that aired Oct, 3rd, 2015 on CFUV 191.9 Victoria, BC
The Queen of Sloth herself, Babra, comes to visit.
09 Mar, 2020 | 1:01:23 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

We get right into the secrets of chemistry on this show
The day before my birthday, and meatballs as a gateway to destruction.
02 Mar, 2020 | 1:00:48 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

But seriously, though. Anybody whose business is predicated on billions of flat-packs going out every day can hardly pretend to be even the slightest bit concerned about the health of the planet.
I actually enjoyed all the music I played this week. How often does that happen?
26 Feb, 2020 | 1:00:44 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

It's been a weird month. Sometimes I think I'm going quite mental. However, it seems like people are enjoying the show, so I might as well persevere.
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