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Interview with Chase Wang
19 Dec, 2010 | 1:00:05 |
EN | Jonathan Cho | ANNCast

In the first segment we talk a little bit about our upcoming holiday special shows (a'la what we did last year) and then Justin digs in to the latest and most frustrating frontier, the world of streaming television right to your TV. With over a half dozen competing services, each with their own technical rules and proprietary content, is it...
Interview with Joshua Long and so much more!
19 Dec, 2010 | 1:12:47 |
EN | Jonathan Cho | ANNCast

So right up front we talk about the thing we're supposed to talk about. After that we chat about New York Anime Fest and how that all went down and how similar it was to the experience of San Diego Comic-Con, then it's on to Eden of the East (which you should watch) and Star Driver. After that, Joshua Long,...
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