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Talking with Patrick about !edds, Betty from GRC, Radio Regent Tour and Industry News
07 Nov, 2018 | 0:35:52 |
EN | Barry NCRA | NCRA ANREC Industry Podcast

Designed as an industry-only podcast, Barry, Luke and Patrick (NCRA/ANREC office staff) have launched a 15 bi-weekly series of industry news, info, training and development opportunities for NCRA/ANREC members (Staff, Board, Volunteers) Segments: 0:00 Intro and welcome 2:50 !eDDS with Patrick Grimshaw 8:15 Industry News (ELMNT FM, Waze, Listener Numbers, NCRA/ANREC & CKVS Office Relocation, Bill C-86, Winamp, ARCs event) 20:50:...
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