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We've got a mixed bag of well-known and unknown performers
26 Sep, 2021 | 0:57:20 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

Lots of old favourites by The Mills Bros, Aretha Franklin, Ruth Brown, Blind Willie McTell and Arthur Smith plus we'll introduce some listeners to The Harlem Hamfats, Eunice Davis, Henry Lumpkin, Cotton Thompson and other under-appreciated talents.
Got a great show lined up for this week.
19 Sep, 2021 | 0:58:19 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

There's some killer New Orleans R&B, some R&R pioneers who have been almost forgotten, the story of the original Rum & Coca-Cola, a new country blues track from Pat Johnson and I examine how The Temptations got their sound (and dance steps and look). It's all designed to get you out of your seat and moving!
Some sweet - or not so sweet - candy songs on this show.
12 Sep, 2021 | 0:57:33 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

In addition we've got Cab Calloway, Buck Owens, some white guys playing jazz on stringed instruments plus an early and unusual Motown instrumental. Fun listening as always.
We start with "America's Most Colorful Hillbilly band"
05 Sep, 2021 | 0:58:02 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

The Maddox Bros &n Rose featuring a 16-year-old guitar wiz, some classics from Johnny Otis, The Band before they were The Band, some unfamiliar original versions of well-known songs, a peddle steel guitar classic and a great Canadian version of a Hank Williams song.
A mix of familiar and not so familiar records in the pile this week.
30 Aug, 2021 | 0:58:34 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

There's some little-known early versions of well-known hits, a very obsure Canadian recording from Port Arthur, ON, Kay Starr shows her jazz chops, Patsy Cline rocks out and we spend some time in the Caribbean.
Another mixed bag of blues, jazz, pop, soul and gospel.
22 Aug, 2021 | 0:59:45 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

Louis Prima, Rosetta Tharpe, some great guitar from Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson , Fever by the guy who co-wrote it and a nice piece from Willie Nelson's second wife. Always fun, entertaining and informative.
This weeks Backbeat starts and ends with some classic Cajun
08 Aug, 2021 | 0:58:27 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

In between we hear tracks from Rose Maddox, Amos Milburn, The Five Keys and more, including the Louis Jordan record that inspired Chuck Berry's intro to Johnny B. Goode.
You would think we'd have run out of old music to play by now but no.
01 Aug, 2021 | 0:58:18 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

This weeks show has Lil Green (not heard enough), Carl Trantham (hardly heard at all), Dinah Washington (can't get enough), The Boswell Sisters, Lattie Moore, you get the idea.
A lot of unfamiliar original versions of well-known songs this week
27 Jul, 2021 | 0:56:54 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

We've got the first rock 'n' roll vocal group to have a national hit in 1947 (hint: they're named after a bird) and a fabulous gospel-blues-harmonica record from a guy who didn't even know he was making a record.
Some great Cajun music provides the bookends for this week's show.
18 Jul, 2021 | 0:57:59 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

In between you'll hear a bit of the origin story for The Lion Sleeps Tonight, George Jones' first record and great track from the first female rock 'n' roll singer who is now almost totally unknown to rock 'n' roll fans.
Some jumpin' tunes today!
11 Jul, 2021 | 0:56:45 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

This week we have a show packed full of vintage goodies from Bob Wills, James Cotton, the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, an early track from Little Richard and much more.
04 Jul, 2021 | 0:59:14 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

I pulled up some favourites from past live shows for your entertainment. We've got The Boswell Sisters, Louis Jordan. Ken Tizzard, The Prairie Ramblers, and much more. You gotta listen.
This week's show starts ironically with a Sister Rosetta Tharpe song called That's All.
27 Jun, 2021 | 0:59:25 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

That ain't all; after some Diga Diga Do and Diggy Liggy Lo we get into the origins of Sweet Soul Music, an introspective piece by Django Reinhardt and some fabulous harmony from South Africa's Manhattan Brothers.
Music from Ray Charles, Brian Hyland, The Stoneman Family, The Louvin Bros. and many more.
13 Jun, 2021 | 0:58:14 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

Besides a great mix of vintage cuts we have new music Canadian from The Wanted and new(ish) music from Alex Pangman and rockabilly from Montreal's Del-Tones who later became The Beau-Marks.
This week the show starts on a righteous note, then goes down hill from there.
06 Jun, 2021 | 1:51:41 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

After starting off with some gospel, we get to a Bing Crosby hit that inspired one of the first rock 'n' roll records, and a brilliant David Wilcox song. We've also got a song that inspired a New York City radio station to change its call letters.
My Stack A Records this week includes A Dear John Letter
30 May, 2021 | 1:55:34 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

There's an Afro-Cuban classic from Dizzy Gillespie, plus advice to Keep Your Big Mouth Shut while you Count Your Blessings and wear a Million Dollar Smile. We also learn that women are like money and men are like streetcars.
Joe Turner provides the bookends for this week's show
10 May, 2021 | 0:58:16 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

Starting with one of his great Atlantic hits and ending with a rarely-heard gem. In between we've got some Cajun, great stuff from little-heard vocalists Ann Cole and Annie Laurie, traditional fiddling from Anne Lindsay and much more. As usual the playlist is at
Well, Well, Well, on this week's Backbeat show we're Rockin' On The Waves
03 May, 2021 | 0:59:26 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

I'm Rockin' and Rollin' All By Myself because I Don't Mind Being Alone, just Give Me A Pigfoot and A Bottle of Beer and throw me Smack Dab In The Middle, if I get the Alcoholic Ward Blues, give me a Shake Shake Shake and I'm Movin' On, to That Great Judgement Morning. I think I got most of the...
Lots of boogie-woogie in this week's show, all different kinds for no particular reason
25 Apr, 2021 | 0:58:39 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

We've got Native American boogie (by real Native Americans) along with Marion Williams, Pat Johnson, Jay McShann and a bunch of people you probably never heard of. Playlist at
Features gospel harmony from the Louvin Bros. and a rousing gospel number from some prison inmates
18 Apr, 2021 | 0:58:27 |
EN | Lorne VanSinclair | Backbeat

This show features gospel harmony from the Louvin Bros., a rousing gospel number from some prison inmates, Gord Lightfoot's first hit, an early rocker from Billy Wright plus Roy Orbison, Jerry Butler, Count Basie, Alex Pangman and more. Playlist is at
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