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09 Oct, 2008 | 0:57:22 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

FEDERAL ELECTION SPECIAL: Commentaries by Judy Rebick, Leo Panitch, Murray Dobbin, Jim Stanford, Sam Gindin, Andrea Levy, Paul Moist and Bryan Palmer. Excerpts from the University of Toronto Market Meltdown Forum. Music is the Weapon with Manu Chao.
02 Oct, 2008 | 0:59:26 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Lesley Hughes fights back, defending herself against charges of anti-semitism. Roger Rashid (Montreal) and Dennis Pilon (University of Victoria) provide election insights from the Left. Dennis Howlett, executive director of the Make Poverty History Campaign looks at how poverty is being addressed in this election. Music is the Weapon profiles The Duhks.
18 Sep, 2008 | 0:56:03 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Political economist Greg Albo analyses the roots of the financial meltown, its impact on Canada and on the stance of the major political parties. Graduate student Noamon Ali and recent high school grad Natalie Shalabi talk about the rise of student activism in Toronto universities and high schools. Andre Clement's Music is the Weapon profiles Pete Seeger.
11 Sep, 2008 | 0:58:43 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

In its first show of its fourth season, ALERT looks at issues of police brutality with François Du Canal of Montreal's Collective Opposed to Police Brutality; and to Daniel Thau Eleff of Winnipeg's Copwatch. As well, in ALERT's first commentary on the federal election, Vancouver peace activist Mordecai Briemberg explores how the issue of the Canadian mission in Afghanistan is...
10 Apr, 2008 | 0:29:42 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Jeff Halper, arrested in the West Bank last week for trying to stop the demolition of a Palestinian home, discusses the state of the resistance and Israel's anti-occupation forces attitude towards the boycott & divestment movement. Jim Petras gives his take on the just wide-open Congress of the union of writers and writers of Cuba , just completed in Havana.
03 Apr, 2008 | 0:30:21 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Diana Ralph, coordinator of last week-end's historic conference of the Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians discusses what can be expected from this alternative voice of progressive Jews. Rajagopal PV here in Canada this week to meet with First Nations groups, discusses the non-violent action he led last October, a march by 25,000 people to press the Indian Government to provide...
27 Mar, 2008 | 0:29:24 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Geoff Hughes talks to Dru Oja Jay of The Dominion on his cross country tour; he's trying to build a Canadian network of alternative media. Michael Elves speaks with author and physician Dr. Gabor Mate discusses addiction in society and his bestseller, In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts. Cy Gonick, Executive Producer Tommy Allen, Producer Lesley Hughes, Host Copyright -...
20 Mar, 2008 | 0:28:30 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Are we heading towards another Great Depression? Economist James Divine gives his answer. What really happened when Colombia invaded Equador? Jim Petras interviewed Hugo Chavez on the front lines.
13 Mar, 2008 | 0:29:17 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Ramallah business man and political commentator Sam Bahour evaluates the latest developments in Gaza and the West Bank. Executive Director of, John Bennett discusses the Conservative government's plans for carbon capture and storage.
06 Mar, 2008 | 0:29:47 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Feminists Nancy Peckford and Marianne Cerelli tell us what they want for women for International Womens Day 2008. Al Rae, writer for Little Mosque on the Prairies, tells us what he thinks about the Conservative government¹s efforts to censor what films will receive tax credits by means of its proposed changes to the Income Tax Act. Mordecai Briemberg gives us...
28 Feb, 2008 | 0:28:04 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Ian Angus, editor of the on-line journal Climate and Capitalism talks about the limitations of BC's much heralded carbon tax. Council of Canadians researcher Stuart Trew reveals the story behind a secret Canada-US agreement that paves the way for the militaries from either nation to send troops across each other's borders during an emergency -- and the implication the agreement...
21 Feb, 2008 | 0:30:06 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Globe & Mail columnist John Doyle discusses recent CRTC decisions, political sociologist Trevor Harrison delivers a commentary on the Alberta elections and South African scholar and activist Salim Vally provides insight into the changing of the guard in South Africa.
14 Feb, 2008 | 0:29:54 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

What's behind all the platitudes of Barack Obama? Does the "change" he promises amount to anything beyond image? Max Fraser of the Nation magazine (New York) dissects Obama's policies and the neo-liberal views of his advisors. The Senate committee on anti-terrorism rejected Diana Ralph's application to appear on behalf of the Alliance of Concerned Jews of Canada regarding Bill C-3,...
07 Feb, 2008 | 0:29:50 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Political activist Sid Shniad gives his take on the free-speech/Islamophobia controversy set off when four young law students, on behalf of the Canadian Islamic Congress, submitted a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission that Maclean's magazine refused to allow them an opportunity to rebut the misinformation contained in articles published in the magazine. Parkland Director Gord Laxer explains why...
31 Jan, 2008 | 0:29:45 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Rideau Institute's Steven Staples sorts out Canada's Afghanistan policy options following the release of the Manley report. York University political economist Sam Gindin talks about the economic policy options that political leaders and labour leaders are avoiding in the wake of the coming economic recession.
24 Jan, 2008 | 0:29:25 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

CAW economist Jim Stanford talks about the coming recession and its likely impact on Canada Canadian author Arnold August reports from Havana about the recent Cuban elections which he has been observing as part of his research for a book on Cuba's electoral system.
17 Jan, 2008 | 0:02:29 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Phil Fontaine, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations responds to the fact that he was not invited to participate at last Friday's meeting hosted by Prime Minister Harper for the premiers of the provinces and territories. What does this say about the role of First Nations in the Canadian federation? Investigative journalist Jonah Gindin shares his experiences with...
20 Dec, 2007 | 0:29:57 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

For our last show of the year, ALERT asks Joan Kuyek, Mel Watkins, Paul Moist, Saul Landau, Gord Laxer and Buzz Hargrove what they want for X-MAS and the New Year for Canada, the environment, the world.
15 Nov, 2007 | 0:27:19 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

ALERT FOR NOVEMBER 15, 2007. Chris Arsenault, author of a recent report titled "A new Paradigm for Paying the Piper: Access, Control and Commercialization at Halifax Universities" explains why the student movement should be shifting its focus to democratizing university structures rather than being primarily concerned about tuition fees. Josh Brandon, an agriculture campaigner with Greenpeace in Vancouver talks about...
08 Nov, 2007 | 0:29:20 |
EN | UMFM Music Department | ALERT!

Veteran Saskatchewan political economist John Warnock explains why the NDP lost the election in that province and what can be expected from the new Saskatchewan Party. Communications professor and media activist Robert Hackett talks about the urgency of media reform in Canada and the campaigns being undertaken by the newly established Canadians for a Democratic Media.
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