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June 8 - June 12
13 Jun, 2009 | 1:26:00 |
EN | Chris 'Zeke' Hand | Best of CKUT's The Morning After

Monday: Liz Pieries' interview with Aaron Lakoff and Gretchen King about the National Campus & Community Radio Conference. Tuesday: Jeffrey Mackie interviewing Elizabeth Roberts about the Mega Poetry Pow Wow Wednesday: Mark Brooks interviewing with Frieda Lindfield Werden on Community Radio Thursday: Joanne Penhale on the NCRC Friday: Jean-Marie Vianney from CHUO's Jambo Ottawa
Week of June 1 - 5
08 Jun, 2009 | 1:02:05 |
EN | Chris 'Zeke' Hand | Best of CKUT's The Morning After

Monday - Rachel Ni Chuinn's interview with Nairne Holtz 6:51 Tuesday - Ed Yersh's report on the Centre Sociaux Autogere 17:16 Wednesday - Robin Lutjohann discussion with Dr. Douglas Farrow 16:59 Jeudi - Sabine Frisigneur and Louise Renaud Un printemps vers vert 10:22 Friday - Craig Sauve on Louise Harel 10:33 Total 1:02:05
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