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Below The Line

Title: Below The Line

Description: In the summer of 2010 CFRC put out a call for low-income individuals to participate in "Below the Line", a project that aimed to create sound stories about personal experiences of poverty.

Participants in "Below the Line" received training in digital recording, multitrack editing, mic technique, narration and scriptwriting, as well as access to portable recorders and digital audio studios from CFRC to produce their stories.

In addition to the training and station access participants received honoraria.

The finished products present a broad range of views on the causes and nature of poverty in Kingston, ON.

This project was made possible by a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada.

Created: 2 Nov, 2010
Last Modified: 2 Nov, 2010

Planned # of Episodes: 10
Current # of Episodes: 8
Most Recent Episode: 2 Nov, 2010


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