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Knowledge Hall

Title: Knowledge Hall

Description: “Knowledge Hall” is produced at CFMH, local 107.3fm in Saint John, New Brunswick. This lecture series seeks to showcase speakers who are passionate about something that is not necessarily their vocation. Knowledge hall endeavors to expose the masses to subjects and interests they may not be familiar with. Throughout the series local speakers will enlighten you with their love of everything from roller derby to organic farming. The Lectures were recorded on site at the Interaction School of Performing Arts, and although they seek to showcase the passion inherent in the community of Saint John they do cover a wide range of topics, which are accessible and relatable to all communities. There are 9 shows in the series and the topics are:
1. Jam on Roller Derby
2. Make Your Own Zines
3. Organic Farming :For the Love of Vegetables
4. Queen's Sqaure Farmer's Market
5. Body Slamming the Myths Surrounding Wrestling
6. Storytelling and Comics: Part One
7. Storytelling and Comics: Part Two
8. Yoga and Movement in Your Everyday Life
9. Child Centered Community Empowerment

Created: 14 Sep, 2012
Last Modified: 14 Sep, 2012

Planned # of Episodes: 9
Current # of Episodes: 8
Most Recent Episode: 14 Sep, 2012


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