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Business Book Talk Interviews

Title: Business Book Talk Interviews

Description: These podcasts are based around casual chats about business books. The podcast’s main purpose is to let business people get an idea of what each book is about and whether a book is a good fit for them. Check out a podcast today and see if you will be motivated to grab a book from your office library or get one from your favorite book store and enjoy learning something new this week!

The podcast features interviews with authors chatting about a business book that they have written. We have done over 200 author interviews to date.

The interviews are very casual in nature and I try and ask questions relating to small and medium size businesses. The interview will last about 35 to 45 minutes. The interviews are very simple and I ask some very basic questions. Almost like a chat over a coffee.

Created: 9 Nov, 2015
Last Modified: 9 Nov, 2015

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