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Classical Afternoons

Title: Classical Afternoons

Description: A two-hour look at Classical music from all eras and all composers. From the all-time favourites, to the one hit wonders. From Baroque and Early Music composers, to Contemporary and Modern innovators. The goal of Classical Afternoons is to present not only memorable material from famous composers, but also to expose listeners to new compositions, new composers, or rarely heard works from the classical giants.

Classical Afternoons is available for syndication and is broadcast ready. Stations that are interested in having a classical show on their roster (and have their station mentioned during the show) are invited to contact Braden (

Note: Stations willing to syndicate this show do not have to stick to Classical Afternoons, you may change the title where necessary! If you want to syndicate but have only an hour slot, the show can be edited to an hour.

Created: 12 Mar, 2016
Last Modified: 13 Feb, 2017

Planned # of Episodes: 0
Current # of Episodes: 75
Most Recent Episode: 4 Oct, 2018


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