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Femcon Mix

Title: Femcon Mix

Description: Crimes and Treasons DJ Homeboy Jules created a mix of female artists we commonly play on Crimes and Treasons Radio on CITR 101.9FM.

This dj'ed playlist has lots of emerging new talent,
much of this new is put out this month (May 2017)

Nylo - Sirens
Ambre - Coldest Winter
Syd - Drown in it
Hayleau - So Good (Cancon)
Alein Kanye - PAYPAL (Cancon) (New)
Nala - Pourin' (Cancon) (New)
Latrelle - house party (Kaytranda edit) (Cancon) (New)
Alien Kanye - When I'm Down (Cancon)
Hunnah - Teenage Fever (Cancon)
Sza - Two am (New)
Ebohni - What you want(Cancon) (New)
Horsepowar - Sassy(Cancon) (New)
Hood Joplin - My Chain B (Cancon) (New)

Created: 21 May, 2017
Last Modified: 21 May, 2017

Planned # of Episodes: 0
Current # of Episodes: 1
Most Recent Episode: 21 May, 2017


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