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Sports with Shaun O'Leary

Title: Sports with Shaun O'Leary

Description: Hello, my name is Shaun O'Leary. I am a big hockey fan. In my time with CFUV I have interviewed 38 athletes but my favourite project is doing documentaries. My first documentary was about the National Disabled Sailing Association of Canada, it is called Let's Go For A Sail. My new documentary is called What Binds Us. It focuses on women in sports.
I am 31 years old and attended UVic from 2009-2013. I am a proud Canadian and love visiting different cities. My favourite place to visit is Minnesota to watch the Minnesota Wild play, my favourite team.

Created: 5 Jul, 2017
Last Modified: 5 Jul, 2017

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Current # of Episodes: 2
Most Recent Episode: 9 Aug, 2017


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