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Old Parlour Radio

Title: Old Parlour Radio

Description: Old Parlour Radio takes you down memory lane by playing great old time radio programs from the 30's, 40's, 50's and early 60's and the occasional program from the 1970s.

Note to Stations: As of March 29, 2020, Corey Walker will no longer be producing OPR. The new producer, James Colston, is at a station in Yarmouth, Maine, so he won't be using the NCRA site for the program starting in April.
Anyone who wishes to continue carrying OPR is asked to contact James at Corey has been in touch with the stations he knows of who carry the program, but isn't sure if there are others.

Created: 22 Jan, 2018
Last Modified: 9 Mar, 2020

Planned # of Episodes: 0
Current # of Episodes: 104
Most Recent Episode: 8 Apr, 2020


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