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Sips, Suds, & Smokes

Title: Sips, Suds, & Smokes

Description: A weekly series targeting discussion on the finer things in life around Wine, Distilled Spirits, Tea, Coffee, Beer, Cigars, and just really good stuff of life.

Some 40+ co-hosts from across the globe provide this content creating a vast range of audience and interests.

A light hearted and sometimes hilarious styled show that is entertaining yet informative.

iHeartradio Podcast Awards 2019 - Best Food Podcast
Taste Media Awards 2019 - Best Food Podcast
Podcast Awards - Best Arts Podcast Finalist
Taste Media Awards 2020 - Best Food Radio Show Nominee

All music used is Creative Commons, Fair Use, or has been licensed for broadcast by the producer.

Created: 14 Jan, 2020
Last Modified: 14 Jan, 2020

Planned # of Episodes: 0
Current # of Episodes: 106
Most Recent Episode: 18 Jan, 2022


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