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My Virtual World

Title: My Virtual World

Description: From February 19 to March 11, 2008, the Vancouver Public Library hosts a lively exchange of ideas and discussion at Speak Up 2008: My Virtual World, where participants explore the role of technology in our lives.

Expert panelists representing a broad range of perspectives on technology in the virtual and real worlds address four key aspects of e-activity: Online Privacy, Gaming, Information Online and the Social Impacts of Our Virtual World.

From university professors to the director of BC’s Information and Privacy Office, a police inspector and journalists, panelists provide a range of perspectives and opinions to engage participants.

Feb. 19: Online Privacy: Is There Any?

Feb. 26: Gaming: Distraction or a New Way of Learning?

Mar. 4: Information Online: What’s Out There?

Mar. 11: Social Impacts of Our Virtual World

Created: 17 Apr, 2008
Last Modified: 17 Apr, 2008

Planned # of Episodes: 9
Current # of Episodes: 9
Most Recent Episode: 28 Mar, 2008


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