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1 Night Fright

Title: 1 Night Fright

Description: Paranormal / Conspiracy

Night Fright Goals
• to promote Canadian authors, film makers, documentary makers, researchers, etc. those who get a fleeting 5 minutes of air time (if any at all) on commercial radio and give them a full two hours to show their stuff.
• possibilities; esoteric thought; on this show 1+1 doesn't = 2, 1+1 = blue
• to inspire listeners to go beyond what they ever thought possible from themselves
• show that university / community radio can go head to head with the biggies
• to obtain the same stature as Democracy Now only from a Canadian show
• to have the number one radio show in Canada

You're driving on the highway and the voice on the radio is broadcasting from a haunted house? A haunted mine tunnel? The site of reported alien landings, with the vehicles landing prints still intact? Across from a grave yard? and the discussion is about Canada's very own Roswell, Canadian demon possessions,

the first African American Secret Service agent handpicked by JFK himself who blew the whistle on the secret service after the assassination, the leading consultant to Oliver Stone for his movie JFK, the Pulitzer nominee who went to Bolivia and bribed the guard who shot Ché and snagged his personal diaries, the emergency room doctor in Dallas who worked on JFK, Stanton Friedman the father of Roswell who BTW is a Canadian, Big Foot, Tesla, DR. King conspiracy, Bobby conspiracy, Area 51, Knights Templar archaeological sites in Canada...and more...
I know what you’re thinking…isn’t this just like Coast To Coast (Art Bell). The short answer is “yup�. BUT and this is a huge BUT: Night Fright features CANADIAN authors, documentary / film makers, researchers, etc. AND Coast To Coast can only be heard in large urban areas like Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. Which means the rest of the country is wide open for this type of programming! (As a recent arrival to Sudbury I was amazed to learn that nobody north of Barrie, including Thunder Bay, North Bay, Parry Sound, Sudbury, Sault, can hear the show). There is a solid untapped opportunity.

Created: 15 Sep, 2009
Last Modified: 15 Sep, 2009

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