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Migrant Matters Radio

Title: Migrant Matters Radio

Description: MM airs every fourth Friday of the month at 6-7pm on Guelph's community radio station, CFRU 93.3fm. On MM, we bring into focus the individual faces and unique stories of those who have gone through the forced migration process. We contribute to bringing forth the voices and stories of migrant workers, "no status" people, and racialized working-class immigrants, individuals who we do not hear from in the mainstream media.

MM Radio works to investigate and debunk (im)migration myths, and displace the 'us' vs. 'them' dichotomy that has often been encouraged by mainstream media and immigration policy. We encourage critical thinking about the complex issues of displacement, migration, immigration, citizenship, and, violence and justice in our communities.

Created: 12 Mar, 2010
Last Modified: 12 Mar, 2010

Planned # of Episodes: 0
Current # of Episodes: 60
Most Recent Episode: 5 Nov, 2015


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