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Cal Koat |
Cal Koat’s career goal is succinct: to expose contemporary global music as a viable, relevant and totally reflective alternative for mainstream electronic media. He’s worked the past 31 years as a broadcaster in Greater Vancouver, 25 of those years specifically in the field of multicultural broadcasting where he discovered his love for world music. Currently, through his own company, Calcopyrite...
rabble podcast network |
rabble radio is a weekly podcast and radio program that tunes in on the issues and actions that matter to you. It is the flagship podcast of, an award-winning, independent, community-driven media. Among the first digital journalism organizations in Canada, and the first to incorporate as non-profit, has been at the forefront of reporting on national politics with...
james haarp |
join host James Haarp when he converses with mind control victim Steve about his experiences. Is Scientology a cult or religion?
Kim Logue |
~ Entertaining Equestrian Education an any age, all access and all equine interest radio show -- now in its 10th season! for closet enthusiast to full fledged equine professional. you can write to the show at Let's talk horse...
John Carricitos |
Events of interest in Victoria & environs.
James Louis Terral |
World Report is a 10-13 minute weekly segment that gives a Canadian perspective on international affairs and international development issues. It won the 2007 NCRA Award for Best Newscast.
Patrick Auguste |
Interviews with acting people in the World Forum of Free Media which was parallel to the Word Social Forum in Montreal from August 7th to 14th 2016
Cal Koat |
an exciting one hour, weekly global music alternative to jukebox radio.
Frieda Werden |
There are so many women doing kick-ass analysis of women's issues in Canada these days, that I'm going to start posting them in this series. These aren't only about women, either - women's issues are people's issues, and vice versa.
CFUV 101.9 FM Programming |
A public affairs program that focuses on women, women’s issues, and social justice. Produced by CFUV’s Women’s Collective.
Robin Eriksson |
This unique 6-hour overnight show features a mix of eclectic music, comic book theatre and endearing company.
janine bandcroft |
From CFUV in Victoria, a bi-weekly public affairs programme focussed on peace, environment, and social justice.
Tom Richmond |
Will Adam is riding his bike across Canada on his bike, to support fundraising of the MS Society of Canada. He has lived and worked on Amherst Island Ontario, home of CJAI-FM, Canada's smallest radio station, and was briefly a volunteer there. There will be multiple episodes recorded as he reports in.
Remy MacFarlane |
Hosted by Remington J. Osborne and Monster Mike and produced by Red Shirt Ryan, Where Monsters Dwell is your weekly dose of pop culture talk radio. Spanning such topics as comics, movies, TV and games. Bringing you live creator interviews and our own perspective on pop culture news and happenings. You can tune in LIVE around the world by visiting...
CKUT News Department |
A four-part radio series on racial profiling and police brutality. Stay tuned for Part 2 , Wednesday, March 28th between 5-6pm on CKUT 90.3fm.
Wetland Project |
THIS IS A SINGLE 24-HOUR PROGRAM MEANT TO BE AIRED OVER THE COURSE OF EARTH DAY (APRIL 22) Celebrate Earth Day with Vancouver Co-operative Radio’s annual Wetland Project broadcast on April 22. Connect to the circadian rhythm of a Saturna Island, British Columbia marsh through its environmental soundscape. The voices of creatures—frogs, birds, insects and more—take over the airwaves for...
Westbank Country Opry |
The Westbank Country Opry is the longest-running music show in BC's Okanagan Valley and presents live monthly concerts from September - May. The half-hour show features regular Opry performers and special guests.
CKUT News Department |
A weekly round-up of independent, grassroots news from across Canada and beyond.
CKUT News Department |
A weekly round-up of grassroots news from across Canada and beyond.
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