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Adding Images

    Make your program stand out by adding pictures an graphics. You can add images to Programs, Series and to your Profile.

  • Series: Adding an image to your Series makes it the default image for all the programs that are part of that series, including programes created in the past. It is the quickest and easiest way to add some zip to your program listings. A Series image should generally reflect the topic and content of the Series. Unless a Program image has been added, the Sereis image will be shown as the main image on the Program Detail page; otherwise, it will be shown in smaller form on the page.
  • Program: An image added to a Program will will be diplayed for just that program. Program images should usually reflect the topic and content of the individual Program
  • Profile: First you have to create Profile. Then you can add an image. This will show up on your Profile page and on the Program Detail page.
  • In each case you can adjust the images by zooming in or out, rotating and and repositioning the image. Save Changes to preserve your edits and add the image.
  • For Series and Program images, the final image size will be 545px wide x 227 px high. Profile images are 250px square. The image you upload shold be at least these dimensions for best results.


  • You can create a RSS feed for your Series than enables it to be podcast and the program files to be automatically downloaded when subscribed to.
  • Podcasting is enabled as a Series setting. Edit your Series and select Yes for Enable Podcasts.

Sharing Your Series

  • Sometimes more than one person works on a Program or Series. Sharing your Series allows you to enable multiple designated users to add programs to a series.
  • Enable Series Sharing as a Series Setting (edit Series). Then choose Share My Series to search for and add users who will be able to share the Series.

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