Sharing Your Series - Help

Sharing a Series means allowing other registered users to add programs to a sereis you own. You control which users can add programs to your series on a series-by-series basis by adding selected users to a list of allowed sharers for the series.

  1. While logged in, go to the seriess detail page.
  2. Select Edit this Series and set the Share this Series? setting to Yes.
  3. After being returned to the Detail page, you will see a new section called Other Series Users and a link to Add/Remive Users. Click the link.
  4. Search for the users you would like to share your series with. You will need to know thieir name or username to search for them.
  5. From the search result,check off the user(s) to share your sereis with and click Add Users.
  6. Your Sereis is now shared with the selected user(s) and they can add program to the series.