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50% CANCON-Underground House and Tech House.
21 Jul, 2020 | 1:56:00 |
EN | Sean Savage | AR Network

The Amplified Radio Network brings you the best in House and Tech House music from around the world. Each 58 min show (part 1 & 2) is 50% CanCon and can be played individually or together in a 2 hr block with room for PSA's. IF YOU HAVE DOWNLOAD PROBLEMS ON THIS SITE THEN PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE SHOW DIRECTLY FROM...
The party + guests discuss Nirvana's Incesticide
21 Jul, 2020 | 1:53:36 |
EN | Program Coordinator | Listening Party!

This week Dean and Steph host special guests and friends, JR and Matt, and dive into Nirvana’s compilation Incesticide. We spend way more time talking about the band itself than the specific album – but how can you not dive into the iconic nature of the band?
The party discusses Songs for Pierre Chuvin by The Mountain Goats
21 Jul, 2020 | 1:58:46 |
EN | Program Coordinator | Listening Party!

The group tears apart Dean’s favourite band. Tune in to hear us debate lo-fi productions, high intellectualism, and get really into Greco-Roman history. You’ll also hear Dean say “oeuvre” way too much.
The party discusses Malibu Ken by Aesop Rock and TOBACCO
21 Jul, 2020 | 1:59:46 |
EN | Program Coordinator | Listening Party!

This is a long episode, friends! Join the party this week to hear Chance and Frankie navigate us through Malibu Ken by Aesop Rock and TOBACCO. We talk satanic panic, Vaporwave, and depression, throwing in a sprinkling(ish) of politics — and by the end we only get through 50% of the album. *All expletives removed
The group dives into Dan Mangan's Nice, Nice, Very Nice
21 Jul, 2020 | 1:50:49 |
EN | Program Coordinator | Listening Party!

Welcome to Listening Party, folks! This is a new CFRC show where every week, four of the brightest minds we had on hand dive headfirst into an album. For the first episode, Steph made everyone listen to Dan Mangan's Nice Nice Very Nice. Join us while we debate the merits of self-reflective art and get to the bottom of what...
The return of MLB: No spitting, fans or games in Canada
21 Jul, 2020 | 0:22:09 |
EN | The Velvet Studio | Front Burner

After a four-month suspension due to COVID-19, Major League Baseball returns for a condensed 60-game season on Thursday. The old ball game, however, is going to look a bit different: there’s social distancing in the dugouts, no fans in the stands and no games in Canada. This weekend, the federal government announced that the Blue Jays can’t play in Toronto...
Fighting for more representation of racialized people in Canada's TV and film industry.
21 Jul, 2020 | 0:28:16 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Gillian Müller has a long history of working as a crew member, particularly an assistant director, in Canada's TV and film industry, and she currently works as a screenwriter. Tony Tran is an actor and writer, and he aspires to one day be showrunner. Scott Neigh interviews them about their involvement in BIPOC TV & Film, a grassroots organization of...
Back to music, and lots of good old ranting about something
20 Jul, 2020 | 1:00:04 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

Honestly, I recorded this three days ago, and it is hard to remember how I felt, or what I said, back in those halcyon days, those days of blithe and heady naivete. Probably something pretty good, though.
Looking inward and beyond at progressive, fusion and alternative genres, near and far...
20 Jul, 2020 | 1:59:12 |
EN | Nicholas Cooper | The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope

Full Show Title: End of the Tunnel- An Audience FAR FROM the Observational Tower 33. That Joe Payne . We begin with musical observations in the first hour, followed by this show's special feature in the second hour: a 1 hour long-distance Zoom interview with That Joe Payne, a UK progressive pop singer-songwriter | 2-Hour music radio program | pre-recorded...
The implications of the new NAFTA deal
20 Jul, 2020 | 0:29:17 |
EN | Stuart Richardson | Latin Waves

Host Sylvia speaks to Raul Burbano from Common Frontiers regarding the new NAFTA agreement being pushed by the Trump administration. How these agreements subvert democratic rule, weaken worker and environmental rights and how they are related to the mass migration we are seeing form the global south. And how we as citizens need to stop fighting each other and play...
30 years later a Mohawk filmmaker reflects on the Oka crisis
20 Jul, 2020 | 0:23:51 |
EN | The Velvet Studio | Front Burner

It’s been 30 years since an explosion of violence and the death of a Quebec provincial police officer on an early July morning marked the beginning of the Oka Crisis. That summer, thousands of Canadian soldiers surrounded two Mohawk communities, just outside Montreal, who were trying to protect a forest and burial ground from the expansion of a golf course....
!earshot Daily July 20-25 2020
20 Jul, 2020 | 2:23:25 |
EN | Barry NCRA | !earshot Daily

!earshot Daily July 20-25 2020
Probably the last show for July 2020.
20 Jul, 2020 | 1:00:07 |
EN | | Walkuman Style

(1.) Bad Reception - Dave Redi (2.) summer forever - onjay (3.) Imadoit - The Starting 5ive (The Good People, Horror City, Carta' P. and Quentin Gilmore) (4.) No Peace - Infamous TAZ & Headnodic (5.) It's All Good - Kid Abstrakt ft. DJ Million Faces (6.) Happiness For One - Babble On (7.) Seasons Change - Brotha VINK (8.)...
Camara Phyllis Jones – Racism & Health
20 Jul, 2020 | 0:57:00 |
EN | Shawna Sprowls |

For more than a year the public was complaining about the drinking water in Flint, Michigan. The water was so pungent and foamy that one priest had stopped using it for baptisms. The state’s Department of Environmental Quality, confidently announced, “Anyone who is concerned about lead in the drinking water in Flint can relax.” Flint is a majority African-American city....
Today's Modern Jazz Improvisors, Creators and Tastemakers
20 Jul, 2020 | 4:34:15 |
EN | CHMR FM Music Department | Modern Jazz Today

Modern Jazz Today is a radio show that focuses on today’s jazz improvisers and creators, cutting their teeth and cutting the edge of sound. We are proud to present Modern Jazz Today as an avenue for discovering a new generation of jazz musicians, composers, improvisers and arrangers. the old days.
20 Jul, 2020 | 0:28:47 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

From the WINGS archive back in 1996, these are two short stories read by their authors. They are from a collection titled Great Explanations: 4 Lesbian Stories, originally published on cassette by Women's Press, Toronto. This program is re-released as a tribute to the virtual celebration of Vancouver Pride 2020, which requested stories from history.
Fruited Beer Blind Tasting
19 Jul, 2020 | 0:50:47 |
EN | Mike Woods | Sips, Suds, & Smokes

You can’t guess passionfruit 3 times in a row @budlight @CollectiveBrew @AveryBrewingCo @TheAbitaBeer @rhinegeist @MondayNight @beermakesthree #beer #fruitedbeer #ExAmish Co hosts : Good ol Boy Dave, Good ol Boy Kendall, Good ol Boy Mike, Good ol Boy Drew, and Good ol Gal Julieanna SUDS Episode – May the odds be ever in your favor to Name That Fruit in this...
Keeping the rock of the 70s 80s & 90s alive, more than just classic rock!
18 Jul, 2020 | 0:31:05 |
EN | John Semple |

The BIG ROCK is a four hour classic rock radio show hosted by Johnny J. The show primarily focuses on the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s as well as some music from the 60’s and current songs from our core artists. The BIG ROCK music library consists of Foreigner, The Ramones, Def Leppard, The Who, Pearl Jam, Van Halen, Stone Temple...
Speaking Up/Speaking Out, Adaptability & Identity
17 Jul, 2020 | 0:59:10 |
EN | cjsfprog | Triple Threat: Feminist, Fifty-ish & Fabulous

Triple Threat: Feminist, Fifty-ish & Fabulous explores the experiences of women 50+ with a goal of shifting the narrative of what it means to age.
Canada's Contemporary Celtic Radio Hour
17 Jul, 2020 | 0:59:50 |
EN | Cal Koat | Celt In A Twist

Of Mixed Tapes and Comet's Tails, The Paper Trench to The Greenest Branch, including brand new Real McKenzies from Beer & Loathing!
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