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Election analysis by Rodrique Tremblay and Stefan Christoff
04 Apr, 2014 | 0:59:09 |
EN | Michael Welch |

With the province of Quebec in the run up to a contentious election, the Global Research News Hour takes a close look at the issues and dynamics of the election not getting sufficient airplay in the mainstream media. Academic, former politician and author of "The New American Empire" and "The Code for Global Ethics" Rodrigue Tremblay joins us first. He...
An Update on the Crisis in Ukraine with Rozoff, Ryan and Arbuthnot
14 Mar, 2014 | 0:59:01 |
EN | Michael Welch |

This week's Global Research NEws Hour examine the upheaval in Ukraine and how it's impactinga dn being impacted by the major powers. Rick Rozoff of Stop NATO addresses Ukraine as the fulcrum of a major powers confrontation and helps make sense of Russia's intervention in Crimea and the outrage being expressed by the Western powers. University of Winnipeg Retired Professor...
The recent Canadian Supreme Court decision on breakdown of de facto spousal relationships in Quebec
09 Feb, 2013 | 1:07:49 |
EN | Christopher Currie |

Beverley Baines is a Professor in the Faculty of Law at Queen's and cross appointed to the School of Policy Studies and to the Department of Gender Studies in the Faculty of Arts & Science. In the 2012 fall term she taught Public Law and Law Gender Equality; currently she teaches Constitutional Law and, in the School of Policy Studies,...
Sean Mills, historian of the Quiet Revolution, talks about activist movements in Montreal during 60s
06 Oct, 2010 | 0:20:09 |
EN | CKUT News Department |

Tracks used: Ulrich Schnauss, Knuddelmaus Ulrich Schnauss, Between Us and Them
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