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DJ Set - Acid Jazz, NuJazz, House, Reggae, hip hop, trip hop, chil hop, lo-fi
14 Oct, 2020 | 0:56:48 |
EN | Craig Pady |

Pulling from my days as a professional Dj(Goldfinger) the mixes are eclectic but almost always involve a mini-house-mix and some added Live Saxophone from yours truly or some live vocals from my son Leo who goes by UNTOLDD.
Standards to Latin Jazz to Jazz Funk to Steely Dan.
14 Oct, 2020 | 1:02:00 |
EN | Craig Pady |

For over 20 years this program has followed the same successful format. It begins with Standards in Jazz such as Coltrane or Miles Davis. Then we flow into some latin jazz. Now it's time for the funky side of jazz some rare groove and jazz-funk and we always finish our set with a song from Steely Dan.
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