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History of American punk
12 May, 2011 | 1:05:21 |
EN | Mark van Trigt |

"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" Johnny Rotten's parting words in San Francisco, and the jumping off point for an entirely different New World version of punk: American Hardcore.
The search for eternal music
03 May, 2011 | 0:56:40 |
EN | Mark van Trigt |

From Pandit Pran Nath's cave in Hindustan to La Monte Young's NYC loft, the quest for music that will last for eternity. We look at the Longplayer Project, John Cage's "As Slow As Possible" and listen to a rare recording of Catherine Christer Hennix's "The Electric Harpsichord.
Part 3 NYC music scene '78-'86
20 Apr, 2011 | 1:00:04 |
EN | Mark van Trigt |

Part 3 of our look at the music scene in the Lower East Side, late 70s early 80s.In this episode: mutant disco, Arthur Russell and the emergence of hip-hop.
We continue our look at the NYC music scene '78-'86
11 Apr, 2011 | 0:54:37 |
EN | Mark van Trigt |

Part 2 of our examination of the burgeoning post-punk music scene of New York's Lower East Side. In this episode: No Wave
NYC music scene 1974-1986
04 Apr, 2011 | 0:59:39 |
EN | Mark van Trigt |

First of 3 episodes dedicated to the melting pot music scene of New York City's lower east side, from the emergence of punk to mutant disco, no wave and early hip-hop.
The life and music of Edgard Varese
28 Mar, 2011 | 0:55:27 |
EN | Mark van Trigt |

The life of 20th century composer Edgard Varese; his frustration with the lack of instruments that can read his thoughts, his late triumph at the mythic Brussels 1958 Expo, his influence on Frank Zappa.
Will we lose our humanity in music of the future?
21 Mar, 2011 | 0:55:32 |
EN | Mark van Trigt |

Computer composers, virtual musicians, augmented humans and cyberpunks all converge in this episode about the possible future of music.
The Islamic roots of Hip-hop
13 Mar, 2011 | 1:01:02 |
EN | Mark van Trigt |

We trace the symbols found in hip-hop back to the Nation of Islam, The Moorish Science Temple, the Masons and ancient Egypt
Hauntology Part 2 of 2
07 Mar, 2011 | 0:59:23 |
EN | Mark van Trigt |

Part 2 of our look at British Hauntology in this episode we trace its roots back to early electronic music of the 60's and 70's.
Part 1 (of 2) examining the Hauntology genre in England
28 Feb, 2011 | 1:00:03 |
EN | Mark van Trigt |

Hauntology is an interesting little music movement happening in England right now, harking back to early 70's analogue synthesizer music and drawing inspiration from Victorian horror, psycho-geography and Britain's pagan past. Not to be missed!
Strange stories from the dawn of recorded sound
21 Feb, 2011 | 0:54:42 |
EN | Mark van Trigt |

Phonographic funerals, grave-robbing, recording devices made with human body parts and other strange tales from the history of early sound recording.
We trace punk's ancestry back to dada performance
11 Feb, 2011 | 0:55:47 |
EN | Mark van Trigt |

We trace punk's ancestry back to dada performance
History of easy listening
05 Feb, 2011 | 0:59:22 |
EN | Mark van Trigt |

Latest episode of 'Left of the Dial', a weekly show from CHES Erin Community Radio (Ont.) This episode is a tongue-in-cheek history of easy listening. LOTD examines unusual stories in music. Past episodes have included bios. of Raymond Scott, Joe Meek and Edgard Varese. We've covered Afro-Futurism, hauntology, the Islamic roots of hip-hop, New York noise, punk as Dada performance...
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