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The tastes are bittersweet as four immigrants prepare the food that reminds them of home
18 Mar, 2011 | 0:19:38 |
EN | New Roots Radio |

New Roots Radio reporter Meagan Deuling joins four immigrant women in the kitchen as they cook up traditional meals from their homelands. They talk about finding ingredients, remembering family and how hard it is to make a home in Halifax.
Second part of interview with Maasai man walking from Cape Town to Cairo
18 Mar, 2011 | 0:05:35 |
EN | New Roots Radio |

Miyere Ole Miyandazi doesn't stop for borders or border guards. "I am going where I am going," he says. "I am going north." Cairo in fact. By foot. With no money. From Cape Town. His journey is a protest against borders everywhere - those that block his Maasai people from roaming their cattle, and those which divide a continent. Miyere...
Masai tribesman explains why he is walking to Cairo without a passport
15 Feb, 2011 | 0:09:58 |
EN | New Roots Radio |

Miyere Ole Miyandazi is a Masai from Kenya. In 2004 he walked from Kenya to Cape Town to protest the fencing off of traditional nomadic grazing lands. Now he is at it again, walking from Cape Town to Cairo and his goal is even more ambitious - to thumb his nose at borders and boundaries everywhere. As he walks along...
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