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03 Jun, 2008 | 0:06:49 |
EN | Jan Westlund |

Currently, a Bill before Parliament would amend the Food and Drugs Act to introduce a new product category called Therapeutic Products (encompassing vitamins, supplements, drugs, medical devices and cells used for therapeutic purposes). Some believe this threatens natural health products because many will face a stringent and expensive process for registration.
02 Apr, 2008 | 0:19:53 |
EN | Jan Westlund |

Currently, parliament has given second reading to a bill that establishes fetal rights so that criminal charges can be laid if a fetus is damaged when pregnant women are assaulted or murdered. Opponents of the Bill see it as an opening to eventually revisit abortion rights for Canadian women.
25 Jan, 2008 | 0:29:10 |
EN | Jan Westlund |

An exploration of the ramifications of the Security and Prosperity Partnership currently being discussed by Canada, the US and Mexico.
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