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5 minute segment from interviews with SFU 350 on divestment for climate change mitigation
29 Nov, 2013 | 0:05:03 |
EN | Jane Komori |

Andhra Azevedo and Tony Nguyen tell us what divestment is, why it's important, and about the divest movement.
Interviews with students on pop culture
27 Nov, 2013 | 0:28:17 |
EN | Jane Komori |

Seven students were asked about what pop culture is, how women are portrayed in pop culture, how they participate in pop culture, and what they think pop culture will look like in the future.
Students from SFU 350 discuss divestment as a tool to combat climate change
21 Nov, 2013 | 0:41:45 |
EN | Jane Komori |

SFU students from Divest SFU discuss divestment as a tool to combat climate change and how this relates to ecofeminism, women's issues, and a holistic approach to improving the world.
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