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Journalist Jon Elmer speaks about Canada's role in the creation of ghetto Palestine
10 Apr, 2011 | 1:03:19 |
EN | pierre loiselle / praxis media |

Jon Elmer is a Canadian journalist that has lived in and reported from the West Bank and Gaza since 2003, currently based in Bethlehem. He is a regular contributor to Al Jazeera English and IPS news agency; his work has appeared in Le Monde diplomatique, The Journal of Palestine Studies and The Progressive, among other publications. His work focuses on...
19 Sep, 2007 | 0:52:27 |
EN | pierre loiselle / praxis media |

This documentary looks at the relationship between poverty and health and HCAP's Special Needs campaign that is being used as a mobilizing tool in the context of the growing gap between rich and poor.
01 Mar, 2007 | 1:18:05 |
EN | pierre loiselle / praxis media |

Hoping Against Hope? The Struggle Against Colonialism in Canada is a three-part audio documentary on colonization in Canada. Part 1 - Colonization and the Killing of History The first episode examines the origins of European colonialism, its growth in Canada, and the importance of treaties winding up with a look at why the absence of the truth about this history...
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