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with Mary Hyatt
08 Aug, 2017 | 0:30:01 |
EN | Drew Taddia |

Mary Hyatt is on a quest to feel alive and to live a life full of gratitude, joy, authenticity, and abundance in body, mind and soul. Mary believes that every person has the ability to create the life that they love. She lives in the heart of Nashville and her days are spent juggling the rolls of holistic lifestyle advocate...
on Weighing Yourself, Counting Calories and the BMI Test
03 Aug, 2017 | 0:30:01 |
EN | Drew Taddia |

Join Drew Taddia this week as he interviews Mila Maxwell on Busting Industry Myth’s regarding the BMI test, Counting Calories and Weighing Yourself! Mila Maxwell is passionate about nutrition and holistic health. She has, and continues to study nutrition and is now a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Naturopath, as well as a certified yoga instructor. Mila has gained a wealth...
with Jim Klopman
01 Aug, 2017 | 0:30:02 |
EN | Drew Taddia |

As an innovator in other industries, Jim Klopman says that his brain damage, ADHD and dyslexia are blessings that free his mind to see tech advances before others. Jim developed the SlackBow Balance Training System to improve and maintain his own athletic performance so he could be athletic all the way into his 90’s. After five years of development, Jim...
The Hidden School with Dan Millman
01 Aug, 2017 | 0:30:01 |
EN | Drew Taddia |

Dan Millman is a former world champion gymnast, coach, martial arts teacher and college professor, and he is author of 17 books published in 29 languages and shared across generations to millions of readers. His classic work, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, was adapted to film in 2006. Join Drew Taddia this week on Exploring Mind and Body as he...
Exploring Mind and Body
18 Oct, 2016 | 11:13:58 |
EN | Drew Taddia |

Exploring Mind and Body is a Canadian Holistic Radio talk show. It's an 30 min interview format where Drew Taddia interviews experts in nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and more.
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