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earhsot Top 20 countdown
22 May, 2018 | 2:07:32 |
EN | NCRAwomen |

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Grassroots community news from coast to coast to coast
29 Jul, 2013 | 0:28:52 |
EN | NCRAwomen |

GroundWire Community Radio News: July 29 -August 12 2013 This week's edition produced by CKDU in Halifax The Headlines -Small-scale fisheries are the cornerstone of many of Canada’s coastal communities. A current initiative undertaken by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) calls on Canadians to recognize and protect this cornerstone by adopting the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-scale...
CHUO 89.1 FM created a special broadcast for Earth Day 2013.
22 Apr, 2013 | 0:41:52 |
EN | NCRAwomen |

Interviews: - David Schindler, a founder of the Experimental Lakes Area, by Joel Garrow - Kathryn O'Hara, science journalist at Carleton University, by Joel Garrow - Elly Adeland, director of operations at the Otesha Project, by Dani Ardani
Women, justice, international, femmes, arts
08 Mar, 2013 | 0:19:19 |
FR | NCRAwomen |

Narges Ghaffari talks about women in Iran. France Daviault rants about IWD. Denyse Marleau parle de la place minimale qui est laissée aux femmes par le système des arts en place, au Canada et en Amérique du Nord. (peu, sous-payée) audio clips, in french and english. Would need a live intro.
The documentary explores the position of the midwifery practice after regulation in Nova Scotia
20 Dec, 2010 | 0:57:27 |
EN | NCRAwomen |

This is an exclusive audio investigation entitled Birthing an Ancient Practice: A Place for Midwifery in Nova Scotia. The documentary explores the topic of Midwifery in Nova Scotia by showcasing voices of women and men who have encountered the occupation in various degrees. The focus of the piece opens with a historical evaluation of midwifery’s integration into the provincial health...
This audio documentary investigates the current position of the midwifery practice in Nova Scotia
19 Dec, 2010 | 0:00:00 |
EN | NCRAwomen |

The focus of the piece opens with a historical evaluation of midwifery’s integration into the provincial health system and how regulation influenced the practice. The narrative explores the practice of midwifery and the specific model of care and approach to labour and birth shaped by working midwives in the province. We hear from individuals involved in the process behind introducing...
08 Sep, 2007 | 0:14:46 |
EN | NCRAwomen |

...In Ivan Reitman's Twins. A University of Winnipeg Women's Studies Student's Honours Thesis. Feminism, gender, masculinity studies, film theory, pop culture.
07 Sep, 2007 | 0:07:23 |
EN | NCRAwomen |

Host of "Living on Purpose" Lynn Thompson speaking with Terry Mack about her inspiration through the flute. This is an excerpt.
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