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Professor David Mills discusses the career of professional hockey player George Armstrong
06 Jul, 2010 | 0:08:41 |
EN | CJSW News | Today in Canadian History

Dr. Matthew Barlow discusses the historical significance of Canada Day.
06 Jul, 2010 | 0:08:03 |
EN | CJSW News | Today in Canadian History

discusses differing opinions on “Canadian cowboy culture� and animal rights at the stampede
16 Jul, 2009 | 0:04:48 |
EN | CJSW News |

Speaking to university profs and animal welfare professionals about their take on the stampede.
A documentary exploring the historical and contemporary use of music as an implement of torture.
06 Jul, 2009 | 0:59:58 |
EN | CJSW News |

"Music as Torture: Detainee 200343" provides a fascinating look at the historical and contemporary use of music as an implement of torture. From early sensory stimulation experiments at McGill University to CIA operations in Iraqi prisons, this documentary features stories from experts, musicians, actual detainees and interrogators, and many others with a stake in this sordid tale.
15 Jul, 2008 | 0:08:45 |
EN | CJSW News |

The Alberta Government has decided to develop an entire community under a Public-Private Partnership model in the town of Fort McMurray. The community will house about 20,000 residents. It is yet to be determined what services will be developed and delivered privately, though it could be everything from roads and sewers to schools and community centres.
04 Feb, 2008 | 0:05:31 |
EN | CJSW News |

CKMS at the University of Waterloo is facing a referendum regarding the levy they charge with students' tuition
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