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25 Mar, 2009 | 0:45:48 |
EN | Caitlyn Chappell |

With planned pipelines poised to bring over 200,000 barrels per day of tar sands oil into or through Montreal for refining, Alberta-based organizers are bringing news of the destruction wreaked by tar sands activities to Montreal and other communities in the path of the pipeline. The audio found below is from the speaking event, organised by the Montreal based group...
29 Feb, 2008 | 0:15:58 |
EN | Caitlyn Chappell |

The 2008 Canadian Federal budget was released on February 19th. This is an interview with Rob Rainer, Executive Director of the National Anti-Poverty Organisation (NAPO), which focuses on the budgets failure to address issues of poverty in Canada.
26 Feb, 2008 | 0:15:58 |
EN | Caitlyn Chappell |

This is an interview with Sharon Rempel who founded the Bread and Wheat Festival as well as the Red Fife Green Seed Foundation. Sharon has often been called the godmother of Red Fife wheat. and spoke with me about the benefits and genetic diversity of Red Fife, the current legal constraints applied to those who grow heritage varities and more....
22 Feb, 2008 | 0:45:31 |
EN | Caitlyn Chappell |

(la version français suive) \\Some parts of this audio are in french others in english.\\ The Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui called on 'Minister of Public Safety' Stockwell Day, during their press conference on February 21st 2008, to refrain from signing a new security certificate against Adil Charkaoui and the other security certificate detainees under the new security certificate law,...
20 Feb, 2008 | 0:10:12 |
EN | Caitlyn Chappell |

This is an interview with Gwynne Basen. She is a member of the organisations Seeds of Diversity and Action Communiterre, which along with the group Les Amis de Jardin Botanique, organised this year's Fêtes des Semences. In the interview Gwynne talks about the event, it's history and the importance of heritage seeds and agricultural diversity.
12 Feb, 2008 | 0:28:08 |
EN | Caitlyn Chappell |

On January 25th there were demonstrations in eight different cities across the United States to urge the Canadian government to allow U.S. War Resisters, who refuse to participate in the war in Iraq, to stay in Canada. This program is a compilation of interviews with organisers and participants at those various demonstrations across the country. The music in this piece...
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