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Chandra Spencer Herbert (BCNDP) on impact of HST and hidden costs
28 Jul, 2011 | 0:20:10 |
EN | Irma Arkus | HST Interview Series

Spencer Chandra Herbert (BCNDP) on impact of HST and hidden costs of the tax, impact of the tax on small and medium sized businesses and overall economy.
Bill Vanderzalm (Fight HST) on pros and cons of HST tax and campaign funding for HST
28 Jul, 2011 | 0:11:27 |
EN | Irma Arkus | HST Interview Series

Bill Vanderzalm explains why the tax is detrimental to BC's families as well as who is behind the funding of pro-HST campaign.
Who will benefit from tax? How much will the corporations make from HST
28 Jul, 2011 | 0:10:13 |
EN | Irma Arkus | HST Interview Series

HST tax from the viewpoint of the BC Federation of Labour researcher and journalist, Will McMartin: - who are the real beneficiaries of the HST tax? - are there long-term repercussions to the tax?
anti-HST campaign signage was allegedly removed by city officials, prompting concerns
28 Jul, 2011 | 0:09:40 |
EN | Irma Arkus | HST Interview Series

anti-HST campaign signage was allegedly removed by city officials, prompting concerns over potential misconduct by pro-HST campaign and their ties to city officials.
PSA for gender and blindness video contest
26 Nov, 2009 | 0:01:26 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

PSA for gender and blindness issues video contest ending Dec. 15th 2009. Listeners learn about gender and blindness, and possible sight restorative programs, and have a chance at participating in upcoming video contest.
Discussion on Copyright Issues in Canada w Geoffrey Glass and Irma Arkus
13 Sep, 2009 | 0:56:00 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

HiSciFi, show dedicated to issues in entertainment, science and technology, is exploring issues of Copyright Reform with Geoffrey Glass, head of Fair Copyright coalition in Vancouver, BC. Together they explore various perspectives on why Canada must ensure that copyright laws are beneficial to Canadian consumers and artists, as well as why they are important to future generations in Canada. For...
01 May, 2009 | 0:10:22 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

Summary of Swine Flu origins and tips on prevention.
17 Apr, 2009 | 0:04:13 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

Topical Daily Headlines - 5 to 10 min. long. Today's Headlines: - Monaco: Playground for the rich and famous experiencing largest general strike. - WCB in BC finds private cleaning contractor, Compass, to be repeatedly failing in safety and health regulations. Patients, staff and workers in danger. - California, US: Solaren company has contract to beam energy from Earth's orbit....
02 Apr, 2009 | 0:03:37 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

02 Apr, 2009 | 0:04:10 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

01 Apr, 2009 | 0:03:56 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

Daily News.
01 Apr, 2009 | 0:05:30 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

Daily News Headlines, 5-10 minutes long, ready to air. Today's Headlines: - BC- CUPE local 873 Paramedics are demonstrating, demanding better wages in the new contract. - Canada's Record on Social Assistence Dismal, says NUPGE union head. The National Council on welfare report on 2006, and 2007, indicates increasing poverty levels as well as insufficient social assistance. - US and...
31 Mar, 2009 | 0:05:09 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

Daily News Headlines, approx 5-10 minutes. Today's topics: - AB, Syncrude, Alberta's oilsands company, is being charged for murder of 1606 birds. - France, Kidnappings of bosses continues with workers holding Caterpillar's management hostage as a negotiation strategy. - France, May 1st will mark massive protests across country, heads of eight unions call for demonstrations across countries. - BC, Bill...
27 Mar, 2009 | 0:07:00 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

Daily News Headlines. Approx 5 - 10 min long.
26 Mar, 2009 | 0:05:00 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

Daily News Headlines providing Canada-wide and International coverage from left-wing perspective. Approx. 5-10 minutes long.
03 Feb, 2009 | 0:03:35 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

Daily News Break ~5 min. Produced Mon-Friday. Today's Headlines: - UK: Genetic chimeras fail to produce results - 150 Scientists Demand Action: Oceans in Danger, CO2 levels must be reduced. - BC: Gordon Campbell hints at service cuts, announces deficit - Public plea to Iranian President: Scientific Community Writes Letter Pleading For Lives of Two Colleagues
02 Feb, 2009 | 0:04:00 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

Daily News Break ~5 min. Available Mon-Fri. Today's Headlines: - UBC Engineers Arrested and Charged: End of Pranks for Vancouver? - Net Neutrality: CRTC Ruling Disappoints Net Neutrality Advocates - Canwest: Downfall of a Media Conglomerate - Pyrenean Ibex: Once Extinct, Now Cloned - France: Black Thursday
01 Feb, 2009 | 0:03:31 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

Daily News Break ~ 5min Today's Headlines: - Tasers: Overuse of Tasers in BC brought home by a case in Banff. Pattern of Taser overuse emerges. - US Bailout: $18b bonuses coming under scrutiny. Senator Clair McCaskill introduces bill to cap bonuses at $400,000.00 per year. This is still more than I can earn in over 8 years. - UK...
28 Jan, 2009 | 0:03:30 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

Daily News Break ~5 min. Today's Topics: - UK: New Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 allows police to seize cameras and treat anyone with recording equipment as immediate suspect. Journalists concerned, public terrified. - Two out of Three Police Officers Charged with Robbery. Third officer suspended. - Student at Simon Fraser University invents a new conductive polymer. This will make your undies...
21 Jan, 2009 | 0:04:05 |
EN | Irma Arkus |

Daily News ~5 min. Today's Topics: - OPG will turn coal plants to biomass powered plants - CRTC: New data reveals all Internet Service Providers engage in bandwidth throttling and deep packet inspection. Public calls for banning the practice. - Grand Forks BC: Library Workers Locked Out - U of York: Strike Continues - BC: Prov. Gov't Announces Deeper Cuts...
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