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20 Jun, 2008 | 1:53:29 |
EN | joanne penhale |

Seven women share stories and thoughts on women in radio broadcasting in Canada, from the perspectives of researchers and historians, and as workers in the private, public or campus/community sector. These speakers were featured at an afternoon conference called Women in Radio in Canada which was held May 5, 2008 and hosted by the McGill Institute for the Study of...
03 Jun, 2008 | 0:30:20 |
EN | joanne penhale |

This interview with PK Page took place on the patio of her sprawling backyard at her home in Victoria BC. PK reflects on her time as a young writer in war-time Montreal, a period she says changed her life. She touches on feminism, rooting for the underdog, and her experience of becoming ''invisible'' as an elderly woman. She admits her...
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