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28 Aug, 2008 | 0:31:02 |
EN | David Aardvark |

Interview with professor Robert Gaucher of the Criminology department at the University of Ottawa. He's very critical of the way prisons operate in Canada and shares his passion for justice and human rights. He answers various questions regarding racism and violence in prisons and talks about First Nations being over-represented in Federal and provincial institutions.
27 Aug, 2008 | 1:00:09 |
EN | David Aardvark |

Special programming show for Prisoner Justice Day which was held on August 10th. This show includes an intro, information on the history of the event, two interviews and an extro. It can be broadcasted on Prisoner Justice Day next year, or as a fill-in show whenever, if introduced with proper context. The two individual inteviews will be made available on...
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