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05 Sep, 2008 | 0:12:13 |
EN | Jordan Poppenk | The Green Majority

* The Green Party officially obtained its first Member of Parliament after independant Blair Wilson announced he would be taking out a green membership. * Liberal leader Stephane Dion announces changes to his Green Plan that create more exemptions for farmers and forestry workers. * New Brunswick quietly removed an environmental impact assessment requirement that a $7-billion proposed Irving Oil...
29 Aug, 2008 | 0:11:54 |
EN | Jordan Poppenk | The Green Majority

* Canada unilaterally extended its nautical authority over environmental and other laws extends to 200 from 100 miles offshore in the Arctic; * Environment Canada predicts Arctic Sea Ice will be at its second lowest level on record by the end of 2008; * A 26-year deal was met to protect 4,500 square kilometers of Baffin Island and surrounding waters,...
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