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03 Mar, 2009 | 0:53:01 |
EN | Chris Albinati |

Robert Fisk is an award winning journalist and author. He writes regularly for the British paper The Independent and is considered by the New York Times, to be Britain’s most famous foreign correspondent. He recently spoke to people at Concordia University in Montreal.
03 Mar, 2009 | 0:46:22 |
EN | Chris Albinati |

Hosted by Tadamon. Headlines have been cut out.
11 Feb, 2009 | 0:03:49 |
EN | Chris Albinati |

22 Jan, 2009 | 1:02:31 |
EN | Chris Albinati |

This recording is from a lecture presentation Jeff Halper gave in Leacock Theatre at McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec. The date of the recording was January 14th. The lecture is as recorded and can be edited for story or full broadcast. The length of all 3 parts is a little over an hour. American-Israeli Jeff Halper is a Nobel Peace...
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