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This is a recent interview with the Stranglers
03 Jun, 2013 | 0:48:45 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

The Stranglers have just released their 17th album to date and are approaching their fortieth year as a band. The Stranglers were one of my first introductions into punk. The song “I feel like a wog” is the perfect pogo beat. The song “Down in the Sewer” is one of the best metaphors for an underground subculture. The first album...
Interview with Justin Ludwig the filmaker of Christ-Core
13 May, 2013 | 0:55:03 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

Justin Ludwig of the Regina hardcore band Kleins 96 did a feature length film called Christ-Core. It played in Toronto for a week where he did a series of Q&As at the theatre but he came into CIUT's studio and did an hour long interview about the film. The film is the first of it's kind and focuses on the...
These are sound files recorded live at CIUT
08 Nov, 2012 | 0:22:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

CIUT records bands in studio 3 similar to a John Peel set up. This zipped folder has songs recorded at CIUT on Tuesday October 30th to be ued with the Hassler interview.
This is the raw interview with Hassler
07 Nov, 2012 | 0:42:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

Hassler are a new hardcore punk band from Toronto featuring Jay from bad Skin, Jon from Brutal Knights, Erik from the Reprobates, and Al from Rammer.
This is part 2 to the sam Sutherand interview.
09 Oct, 2012 | 1:11:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

Part 2
Sam Sutherland is the author of "Perfect Youth" The Birth of Canadian Punk"
09 Oct, 2012 | 0:54:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

The book was just published on October 1st, 2012 and looks at this cultural explosion that took place in every major city across the country unbeknownst to each other. Sam connects the dots to the rippling effect that punk had on canadian culture for years to come.
This is a profile on a new hardcore band called Pick Your Side
17 Sep, 2012 | 2:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

Pick Your Side are a new hardcore punk band from the Hamilton area. The band was started by Jeff Beckman who was the guitarist in the legendary straight edge band Chokehold. Jeff started another band called Haymaker a few years later and Pick Your Side was a project that started off in the wake of many failed attempts to re-unite...
This is an interview with Chris Walter about his new book "SNFU: What No One Else Wanted to Say".
03 Sep, 2012 | 2:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

This interview goe into Chris's book about SNFU and we get into some of the stories found within the book. There are SNFU songs mixed in that are relevant to the conversation making it a look at SNFU indirectly.
Interview Born Wrong
27 Aug, 2012 | 2:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

Born Wrong are a new hardcore punk band from Hamilton. We interviewed them live on the show and played music from their 10" with Kleins96, the Destroy Music comp and a live session we recorded at CIUT.
A look at this new hardcore band from Toronto known as Kremlin
13 Jun, 2012 | 2:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

Kremlin are a new punk band from Toronto inspired by the early Finnish hardcore scene. It is a very unique sound and seems like an odd pairing, but has made a great paradigm shift in terms of the Toronto punk scene. They have two demos and an ep that has just come out on Hardware Records out of Germany.
Interview and a live recording of Violent Future
28 May, 2012 | 2:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

Violent Future are a new hardcore punk band from Toronto made up from the ashes of Bad Choice. We speak live to the singer Christian, The guitarists Steve Musgrave and Michael Huntington, and the bassist Rick Smith about Violent Future, their demo, their shows, and their lyrics.
A retrospective look at Hockey Teeth
15 Apr, 2012 | 2:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

This broadcast is for the weekly hardcore punk show on CIUT called Equalizing-X-Distort. This show in particular is the broadcast from Sunday April 15th, 2012 and featured a live interview with Hockey teeth who were a hardcore band from the early 90's that had a big impact on the Toronto hardcore scene. They are playing a 20th Anniversary reunion show...
This is a profile on a new post-punk inspired band from Toronto called Careers in Science.
30 Jan, 2012 | 2:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

Careers in Science are a new post-punk inspired band from Toronto. They have just recorded a CD called "Whateverwolf" that is self-released and they did a recording at CIUT last week. We aplyed this recording and talked to the band about their inspirations. We also learned the meanings behind their songs. It is a profile of this band.
The Class Assassins discography interview
05 Dec, 2011 | 2:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

The Class Assassins are an amazing punk band from Toronto made up of four generations of punk musicians. The lineage of this band includes former members of Direct Action, Chronic Submission, Problem Children, Hockey Teeth, and Bomb Shelter. The band has just released a new ep called "Treason" and so we went through highlights concerning their releases. This makes for...
Creative Zero feature
22 Nov, 2011 | 2:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

Craetive Zero were a hardcore punk band from the Peterborough area between the years of 1981 and 1984. They re-located to Toronto in 1982 and were filmed for the documentary "Not Dead Yet". Their song "Aggravated Assault" appeared in that film. In 1984 they recorded 15 songs at Accusonic with YYY's singer Brian Taylor. We played music from this never...
Start Dancing was the first regular all ages punk event in Toronto.
30 Oct, 2011 | 2:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

Stephe Perry interviews Vera Bickle, Gerry Doyle, Mark Saunders, and Dan about Start Dancing. This was a unique all ages punk event that had DJs and bands playing in halls, curling clubs, church basements and other community spaces that allowed for punk events for kids who were underage between 1981 and 1985. There are lots of great stories about how...
This is a look back at the Hamilton punk band known as Slander.
18 Sep, 2011 | 2:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

Slander were a punk band from Hamilton and started out in 1979. They were around for three years and released an LP called “Hemi-Conscious” on North Shore Records. The band was recognized for their contributions to the early punk scene with the inclusion of the song "Petticoat Junction" on the Punk History Canada compilation titled “Only in Canada, Eh”. Stevo,...
Interview with School Damage
03 Jul, 2011 | 0:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

This is MP3 file of an interview we did with the School Damage live on the radio show.
Brutal Youth interview
26 Jun, 2011 | 2:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

Brutal Youth are a new band from the Toronto/Kitchener area. The band features a bunch of transplanted punks who used to play in the band Class War Kids. They recorded a set at CIUT and did a live interview with host D'Arcy Rix-Hayes.
An Interview with the Tranzmitors about their songs, their releases, and the meaning behind Teen Man
29 May, 2011 | 2:00:00 |
EN | Stephen Perry |

The Tranzmitors are a punk band from Vancouver that have almost ten releases out now. They were here at the beginning of May. We got to speak to them before the show. Here is the discussion we had with the band that night.
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