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Highlights from a panel disscussion on the issue
17 Oct, 2010 | 0:09:17 |
EN | M Turcato |

Feature on May Day comic produced by SFU grad students
28 Aug, 2009 | 0:57:30 |
EN | M Turcato |

Report on the graphic novel "May Day: A Graphic History of Protest" Features interview with co-author, Sean Carleton, excerpts from the comic and a collection of labour songs.
Interview with Pink Resistance Organizer
13 Aug, 2009 | 0:09:21 |
EN | M Turcato |

Interview with Peter Haywood an organizer with the Pink Resistance a group committed to resisting the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver based on queer issues.
Walk4Justice Founder, Gladys Radek, and President of the NWAC, Beverly Jacobs, speak out
13 Aug, 2009 | 0:27:41 |
EN | M Turcato |

Interviews with the President of the Native Women's Association of Canada, Beverly Jacobs and Walk4Justice Founder, Gladys Radek. Gladys tells us about the walk she is embarking on from Vancouver to Prince George to raise awareness about the high numbers of missing and murdered aboriginal women in British Columbia
Prisoners Correspondence Project creates solidarity in the queer community inside and outside jail
06 Aug, 2009 | 0:24:02 |
EN | M Turcato |

The Prisoners Correspondence Project is an initiative run by a collective in Montreal. They endeavor to support the queer community in prison mainly through correspondence with the prisoners themselves. This is an interview with two group members, Cee Strauss and Josh Pavan, about the project and the challenges faced by queer people who become incarcerated.
Interview about project which commissions films about Vancouver's queer history
06 Aug, 2009 | 0:21:10 |
EN | M Turcato |

The Queer History Project is part of Vancouver's Queer Film Festival (August 13th-23rd 2009) which commissions films on Vancouver's queer history and runs a website were members of the queer community can share their stories, pictures, memories etc. This is an interview with Program Director Chris Gatchalian about the project, their latest film "The Portside", and the nature of history.
Tour of the Highlights of Vancouver's Labour History
06 Aug, 2009 | 0:55:20 |
EN | M Turcato |

Local labour activist and Vice President of the Pacific Northwest Labour History Association, Joey Hartman takes us on a tour of Vancouver's dramatic labour history from late 19th Century to the present.
Interview with Israeli Lawyer Emily Schaeffer who is representing the Palestinian Village of Bil'in
04 Jun, 2009 | 0:15:57 |
EN | M Turcato |

Interview with Israeli Lawyer Emily Schaeffer who is representing the Palestinian Village of Bil'in in a lawsuit filed in Quebec Superior Court against Green Mount and Green Park International for their role in constructing Israeli settlements.
Interview with Solidarity Notes Choir conductor Earle Peach
29 May, 2009 | 0:27:20 |
EN | M Turcato |

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