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Aboriginal men take action to stop violence against Aboriginal women and children
02 Aug, 2013 | 0:16:18 |
EN | Jana Gee |

Paul Lacerte, executive director of the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres talks to Jana juniper Gee about how the Moosehide Campaign got started in BC 3 years ago and how it is being furthered across this country. Paul shares stories about the Bearhide and Deerhide Campaigns that have started in prisons and in other areas where moose are not...
The Art of Decolonization takes many forms – open your mind and heart for a change (:
01 Aug, 2013 | 0:14:09 |
EN | Jana Gee |

CFUV's Jana juniper Gee interviews Isabel O’Kanese about her work with: Wanska - The Art of Decolonization. Isabel talks about what it means to decolonize oneself and mentions her monthly groups where related topics are talked about in a talking circle format. The interview starts with Isabel explaining what the Cree word 'Wanska' means and how Wanska has shaped the...
One Billion People Rising to END Violence Against Women this V-Day
09 Feb, 2013 | 0:26:36 |
EN | Jana Gee |

Listen to upcoming CFUVs Women On Air segment focusing on the international day of actions on Feb 14th called ... ( ... One Billion Rising... and this is the 15th anniversary of V-Day ( ) - the founding organization behind this first year's One Billion Rising event that is celebrating dance among women and all people. More than 150...
Western Canada speaks out on intimate partner abuse and more …
08 Nov, 2012 | 0:28:47 |
EN | Jana Gee |

You will hear from Karen McAndless – Davis speaking from Vancouver BC. She talks about the book she co-authored with Jill Cory called ‘When Love Hurts – A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Abuse in Relationships’. In 2012 the authors have expanded their website – – to include online videos and blogs intended to further educate everyone about the issue...
A domestic violence expert talks about her book and how violence effects everyone.
08 Nov, 2012 | 0:27:29 |
EN | Jana Gee |

Lynn Fairweather speaks about domestic violence and the effects of intimate partner abuse on women. For the past 20 years Lynn has worked in the domestic violence field and in April 2012 she published her first book, ‘Stop Signs: Avoiding Recognizing and Escaping Abusive Relationships’. During this second radio program Lynn Fairweather focuses on her recently published book along with...
Reach Out to u.s.listeners re: passing the senate’s version of VAWA in november
19 Oct, 2012 | 0:28:09 |
EN | Jana Gee |

This program focuses on educating the u.s. public about the current need to pass the senate’s version bill 1925 of the Violence Against Women Act - when u.s.congress goes back to work in washington, dc this November. A u.s. domestic violence expert talks about the issues women south of the border are facing if this bill is not reauthorized. The...
Tune in to radically Raging Grannies sharing hope and spunk in these evolutionary times.
25 Jul, 2012 | 0:26:16 |
EN | Jana Gee |

In August 2012 the original group of the Raging Grannies will be sponsoring their 'International Unconvention' with Grannies from across Turtle Island / North American continent - and at the same time celebrating 25 years of activism here on unceded Coast Salish Territories (ala Victoria, BC). One original Granny and another long term member speak on the Raging Grannies philosophy...
Learn more about violence and how it can affect everyone - directly and indirectly.
25 Jul, 2012 | 0:49:00 |
EN | Jana Gee |

Beverly Jacobs - the Indigenous Communities Project Consultant with the Ending Violence Association of BC speaks about her anti-violence work within indigenous communites here on the west coast of Turtle Island. We then talk about violence in general and then the role of colonialism and violence in particular. Later on in the program we will hear more from Beverly Jacobs...
UNcut PANEL Discussion of public presentation
22 Oct, 2011 | 1:08:43 |
EN | Jana Gee |

This panel was hosted by the First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining (FNWARM) and the Environmental Law Club at the University of Victoria, on occupied Coast Salish Territories, BC. This is the panel discussion of the public panel between First Nations leaders, government and industry ... even though the government rep cancelled that day on October 6th, 2011. Panel went...
UNcut OPENING statements of public presentation / panel discussion
22 Oct, 2011 | 0:59:11 |
EN | Jana Gee |

This panel was hosted by the First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining (FNWARM) and the Environmental Law Club at the University of Victoria, on occupied Coast Salish Territories, BC. This is the opening statements of the public panel between First Nations leaders, government and industry ... even though the government rep cancelled that day on October 6th, 2011. Comments were...
Protect land & human rights: economic justice & law reform b4 more mining
20 Oct, 2011 | 0:43:16 |
EN | Jana Gee |

This Women On Air program is focusing on concerns and questions that were brought forward during the panel discussion called "The Future of Mining in BC: Cooperation or Conflict" on October 6th, 2011. The panel addressed many issues and questions were raised about how best to implement, enforce and regulate a "Best Practices Mining Code." Progressive law reform, environmental factors,...
brief review of g8 and g20 organizations along with an update of people's resistance
02 Jun, 2010 | 0:30:17 |
EN | Jana Gee |

Tune in to a west coast look at g8-20 actions and educational events, here and in ontario, that focus on what people can do to learn more about these global groups who are not being accountable to the people of the planet they are supposed to be representing ... and, we are also bringing you a brief look at the...
Overview of some of the long term effects resulting from 2010 Olympics + music of resistance
25 Feb, 2010 | 0:27:21 |
EN | Jana Gee |

Victoria BC's 'Compassion Guerrilla' play their Olympic related song and local activists review the long term effects of the 2010 Olympics, such as the increased poverty, homelessness and cuts to services soon to be seen with the March 2nd, 2010's release of this year's BC budget.
LAL Forest, progressive and eclectic electronic band out of Toronto ... listen in!
25 Feb, 2010 | 0:41:44 |
EN | Jana Gee |

Hear Rose Kazi, the vocalist from the Toronto based band, LAL, talk of their colloborative work with musicians in Toronto and across Canada and find out more about their community work for social justice, spoken word outreach and music making with people of all ages.
senate passed 3rd reading on this bill with 2 amendments, still hope for STOPPING it!
19 Dec, 2009 | 0:33:30 |
EN | Jana Gee |

This interview brings forward some of concerns regarding Bill C6 and the role of international organizations AND the challenge to Canadian soveriegnity - or what is left of it, since NAFTA, etc. There is STILL time to stop this Bill C6 from becoming law, if 'democracy' still stands in this country. You don't have to believe me, just do your...
The Consumer Protection Act is being fast tracked through the Senate. This must stop.
02 Dec, 2009 | 0:26:12 |
EN | Jana Gee |

Bill C6, the Consumer Protection Act could be passed into law before the end of 2009. The ramifications of this proposed legislation is deemed unconstitutional yet is being ignored by most of our federal representatives. ACT NOW and preserve all Canadians rights and freedoms as guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This is no joke! Contact your MPs...
Juan de Marcos, bandleader and musician speaks about the roots of Cuban music
02 Dec, 2009 | 0:32:23 |
EN | Jana Gee |

Listen to musician and humanitarian, Juan de Marcos. His passion for traditional and contemporary Cuban music helped bring forth a global revival for the music industry in Cuba.
Shawn Buckley interview on Bill C6 and ... its effects on our rights and freedoms!
24 Aug, 2009 | 1:03:02 |
EN | Jana Gee |

Shawn Buckley, constitutional lawyer and president of the Natural Health Products Protection Association ( speaks on how Bill C6, the Consumer Protection Act will affect all Canadians and how we must take action to STOP Bill C6!
Updates and Insights from Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba
30 Jun, 2009 | 0:25:00 |
EN | Jana Gee |

Updates and insights from the recent conferences in Toronto, Ontario and Havana, Cuba regarding the ongoing struggles and accomplishments of the Cuban people. Hear more about the Cuban 5, imprisoned in the U.S. for more than 10 years and their struggle for justice by the Supreme Court. For more current updates on the Supreme Court decision, go to the website:...
Cuba and Canada Relations and the 50th year anniversary of Cuban Revolution
30 Jun, 2009 | 0:25:30 |
EN | Jana Gee |

Ambassador Teresita Vicente Sotolongo speaks on Canada's supportive relations with Cuba, now and over the last 50 years of the Cuban Revolution. Listeners can also hear about the Cuban 5 ... 5 Cubans who have been imprisoned for more than 10 years in U.S. prisons and their struggle for justice. For more current updates on the Supreme Court decision, go...
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