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interview with Rob Egan & Mike Raymer of Victoria, BC re release of their 3rd CD "Stereo Bang Bang"
22 Jan, 2010 | 0:12:12 |
EN | Wendy Wall - Rootopia |

Prerecorded and edited. There are no dated elements or PSAs. Rod McCrimmon interviews Rob Egan & Mike Raymer, 2 of the 6 members of Victoria, BC's "enviro-lounge cowboys" Children of Celebrities. They discuss songwriting, the genre puzzle (is it folk? roots? or "that nebulous middle ground between country, bluegrass and whatever it is that Tom Waits does"?), the new CD...
Interview with Victoria's folk/celtic duo Qristina Bachand (fiddle) & Quinn Bachand (gtr) 18/13 yrs
03 Jul, 2009 | 0:42:56 |
EN | Wendy Wall - Rootopia |

Produced for a community station in Scotland ( that requested an interview. The 18 yr old and 13 yr old siblings discuss their debut CD, "Relative Minors" and their touring schedule including their upcoming performance at the Celtic Colours Festival in Nova Scotia in October, 2009. Their manager (and mom) discusses career highlights so far and their plans for the...
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