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David Owen Rama

Dave O Rama (David Owen Rama) is a broadcaster, writer, DJ, artist, and curator.

Over the past forty years Dave O Rama has produced and hosted radio programming for CFNY FM, CIUT FM, CHLY FM, CJMP FM, Ubuntu FM, Blues Roots Radio, and other radio syndicates.

David Owen Rama is also a freelance writer specializing in music journalism, but not exclusively.

Originally from Toronto, Dave O Rama has been living on the west coast of Canada for 25 years and has worked as a DJ, stage MC, and talent curator for a number of cultural organizations, Western Canadian festivals and events.

Dave O Rama self identifies as schizophonic and is known to explore numerous styles of music on his long running radio show, The Lovecast.

Dave O Rama possesses a broad spectrum knowledge and appreciation for music from a global perspective and is also a two time NCRA Award winner.