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Juliet Schor – Gig Economics

Juliet Schor – Gig Economics

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Program Title: Juliet Schor – Gig Economics
Description: At first blush, it seems like a dream job and a great way to make money. You always wanted to be your own boss. You’re free and independent. You work where and when you want. It could be a side job giving you that extra income you need. The gig economy has exploded in recent years. But it’s not all that its cranked out to be. Workers are vulnerable. There are no benefits. Some workers wind up working for peanuts. With no regular income, the gig economy can be stressful especially if you have a crisis. What are the ins and outs of gig economics?

Featured Speakers/Guests: Juliet Schor is an award-winning economist and sociologist at Boston College. She is the author of many books including The Overworked American, True Wealth and After the Gig.



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